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Wine Clubs That Ship To Connecticut

Currently, direct winery shipping is permitted in Connecticut. Registered wineries can ship up to 5 gallons of wine every two months to residents of Connecticut. However, shipping to retailers is strictly prohibited at this time. Here are our top wine clubs that ship to Connecticut:

Following the enactment of the Connecticut Wine Act in 1978, the state’s wine industry experienced significant growth. Today, Connecticut has a total of 24 vineyards and wineries to its name, and consequently, it is guaranteed that locals and visitors alike are never more than forty-five minutes away from high-quality wine.

Connecticut consists of four geographic regions, all of which support the state’s wine industry. As the warmest part of the state, the Coastal Lowlands make up the western edge of the Southeastern New England AVA, a multi-state viticulture area. This region’s warmer climate is due largely in part to the moderating qualities of Long Island Sound. Similarly, temperatures in the Central Valley are moderated by the Connecticut River, resulting in a warmer climate. In contrast, the Eastern and Western Highlands are located inland where higher elevations are more prevalent, producing a cooler climate. The Western Connecticut Highlands form the state’s second recognized American Viticulture Area. Due to the state’s varied climate, Connecticut wineries produce a diverse selection of wine, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Riesling, Marechal Foch, Seyval Blanc, Sparkling, and sweeter wines made from Vidal varietals

In the same year that the Connecticut Wine Act was passed, the state also established a wine trail to showcase local vineyards and winemakers. While traveling through all four quadrants of the state, visitors are sure to notice the distinct qualities of each wine growing region. Be sure to check out the Connecticut Wine Trail!
As one of the country’s smallest states, Connecticut supports a surprisingly large wine industry. Here are some of the state’s operating wineries:

Chamard Vineyards
Connecticut Valley Winery
DiGrazia Vineyards and Winery
Gouveia Vineyards
Haight-Brown Vineyard
Heritage Trail Vineyards
Hopkins Vineyard
Jerram Winery
Jonathan Edwards Winery
Jones Winery
Maugle Sierra Vineyards
McLaughlin Vineyards
Priam Vineyards
Rosedale Vineyard
Sharpe Hill Vineyards
Stonington Vineyards
Taylor Brooke Winery
The Land of Nod Winery
Vineyard at Strawberry Ridge

Wine Festivals:

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