We review wine clubs.
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Wine Loving Friends, Reviewing Wine Clubs!

Eric, Tricia and Todd. We're friends who review wine clubs!

We are wine lovers, just like you.

Tricia is a bit partial to White Wines, Todd strongly prefers Red Wines, and Eric enjoys a nice Pinot Noir.  And all three of us love getting wine delivered to our door each month via wine clubs!

One of the best part of making this website together is that we get to review wine of the month clubs and give you our recommendations.  What an awesome gig!

We are the Wine Club Group.

Tricia, Todd and Eric each live in different states (Indiana, Michigan and New York, respectively) and have been friends for almost 10 years and typically only see one another in person a couple times a year at various conferences. (Yes, we started as “conference friends”.)

Eric, Tricia and Todd — The Wine Club Group. (Photo taken back when Eric had glasses, and Todd didn't have glasses. My how time changes. Tricia never ages and always looks this good.)

Now, all these years later, we've grown from being “just friends” to business partners.  It really is great to be able to work with your friends!

In truth, although we do enjoy receiving our monthly wine club shipments and reviewing them here for you, our true favorite part of making this website together is the camaraderie and friendship that we get to cultivate during our meetings and whenever we get a chance to spend time together in person.

Providing reviews that you can trust is a great treat for us.

We review wine clubs.

Wine of the month clubs are a great method of learning about wine, getting exposed to new wines and enjoying your favorites.  There are a number of types of wine of the month clubs, from those offered by wineries, or wine stores, or wine vendors delivering wine to consumers throughout the country.  (Since alcohol shipping laws vary from state to state, please use our “shop by state” page to see which of our favorite wine of the month clubs deliver to your state.)

I think someone told us a knock knock joke here.

Although we are members of our local wine shops' wine club, we also look forward to the deliveries we receive from the best wine of the month clubs that can deliver throughout the country.  This means you don't have to live in my town to receive great wines that my local wine chop select each month for us locals to pick up from their store each month.  Instead, you can receive wine delivered to your door from our top wine clubs vendors.  (We have reviewed a lot of wine clubs over the years — these are our favorites.)

We've found that buying our wine through wine clubs (a.k.a. “wine of the month clubs”) is a great way to consistently get yummy wines, at great prices.

And, we've found that giving the gift of wine clubs makes us “the cool gift givers”.  You know, the people who always gives the best gifts.  Yup, that's us.

Since we've been buying wine clubs for so long, we have the expertise and experience many others don't have.  (Lucky us!  We're experts in Wine Club Deliveries!)  Now, here on our Wine Club Reviews website, we share our top wine of the month club recommendations and our wine club reviews.  (Plus, our tax guy told us we could write off all this wine we buy!)

This is an advertiser supported website.

To make our website free for consumers, we are compensated by advertisers.  (We disclose this pretty-much everywhere.)  We want to be sure our audience knows that we may earn compensation for purchases that are made as a result of our referrals, but our reviews are our own and we don't recommend products or services that we don't like — and your cost to purchase any products are not affected by this business relationship.  (In fact, oftentimes, we are able to get exclusive discounts and coupons from merchants advertised on our websites, email lists or social media.)

We want to get the best prices for our audiences on the best products and services.

Our mission: Make shopping for wine clubs easy for you.

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These are our #1 Top Wine Gifts

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