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We are wine lovers, just like you.

Tricia is a bit partial to White Wines, Todd strongly prefers Red Wines, and Eric will drink pretty-much anything you put in front of him.

Now, we get to review wine of the month clubs and give you our recommendations.  What an awesome gig!

A little about us.

Tricia, Todd and Eric have been long-distance friends for several years and typically hang out together only a couple times a year at various conferences. (Yes, we started as “conference friends”.)

After a while, we decided we'd start a “Mastermind Group”, where we would get together once a week, via skype, and help each other with our online businesses.  (We did a presentation about the success of our “Mastermind Group”, which prompted several of our peers to begin their own groups.)

When we started our Mastermind Group, we had no intention of getting into business together, or starting a website together.  Instead, we simply wanted to help each other.

However, our group went so well, and we enjoyed our time together so much, and we found complimenting strengths in each other —  that we wanted to find an excuse to work together more closely!

If we could find a way to work together even more closely, we'd get to spend even more time together on skype.

…and emails.

…and twitter.

…and facebook.

…and youtube. 😉

But how would we work together?

We had to find something we're all interested in, knowledgeable about, and can have fun doing.

As it turns out, we have a lot of things in common, but we do know this: We all love wine.

And, we learned about wine deliveries via “wine of the month” clubs, and how confusing it can be to find the right one.

Wha-lah!  There's our new website idea:  We'll help people find Wine Of The Month Clubs! 

But what do we call our new business?  What do we call the website?

  • Well, we're a group, right?  Our name has to include “group”.
  • And, we review and rate Wine of the Month Clubs, right?  So our site has to describe what we do.
  • “Wine of the Month Club” is a mouth-full.  So, we'll shortened it to “Wine Club”.   (The shortened name for “wine of the month clubs” is “wine clubs”.)
  • But, unless we choose either “ratings” or “reviews”, we'd be stuck with the 3 word phrase “reviews and ratings” in our website name.

Thus was born:
The Wine Club Group



We are The Wine Club Group

We're a group of friends who've teamed up to help our fellow wine lovers.

We've found that buying our wine through wine clubs (a.k.a. “wine of the month clubs”) is a great way to consistently get yummy wines, at great prices.

And, we've found that giving the gift of wine clubs makes us “the cool gift givers”.  You know, the people who always gives the best gifts.  Yup, that's us.

Since we've been buying wine clubs for so long, we decided we would make a website to share our top wine of the month club recommendations and our wine club reviews.  (Plus, our tax guy told us we could write off all this wine we buy!)

Now, we have a new mission:  To make shopping for wine clubs easy for you.

These are our #1 Top Wine Clubs

These are our #1 Top Wine Gifts

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Regardless of your reason to buy wine club membership, we are here to help make it easy.

We buy & try all the wine clubs, so you don't have to.

Got a year to spend testing all the wine clubs?

We did!
Over the last year, we've been buying, testing, reviewing and rating the best wine clubs. (It's a tough gig. It's downright torture to drink all this great wine.)

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