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The California Wine Club Aged Cabernet Club

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I don’t want to say this is a wine club for wine snobs.  But, if you know a wine snob and want to impress them, this could be an excellent choice.  🙂 These are the finest of wines chosen especially for those who love a rich, bold, delicious Cabernet Sauvignon.

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet ThumbnailThe name pretty much says it, doesn't it?  The “Aged Cabernet Series” by the CAWineClub gives you exactly what its name implies:  Prestigious Napa Valley Cabernets aged 8-12 years in stringent temperature-controlled conditions and ready to drink now.

  • This club is not for beginners.
  • This club is not for those on a tight budget.
  • This club is not for those interested in receiving “any day wine” in their wine club.  (I consider wines that I can get anywhere, anytime and under $15 a bottle to be “any day wine”.)

Who is this super-premium, exclusive wine club for?

The Aged Cabernet Series is for those with the taste for sophisticated, high-end Napa Valley Cabernets, and room in the budget to afford it.
The “premium nature” of this wine club is obvious when you see the price.  So, let's get that part out of the way now.  The price varies each month depending on the wines featured, but their two-bottle wine club shipments average $299.  This average price includes 3-day air delivery.  (This may be the only wine club that I've seen that ships 3-day air, instead of ‘normal' ground delivery.)

I received a shipment of this club a couple of months ago, and am just now opening up the box to see what's inside.  Since receiving this shipment, it's been in its original packaging, stored in my temperature-controlled cellar (a.k.a. “my basement”).  Therefore, all the years these bottles have spent in the CAWineClub's “stringent temperature-controlled environment” has not been wasted. These old bottles of wine have been well maintained while in my care!

First a bit about the CAWine Club.

As their name suggests, they're experts in California Wines.  For 25 years, they've been exploring all corners of California’s wine country seeking handcrafted, award-winning wine from small family wineries.  Every wine is hand-selected from a real working winery and is backed by their 100% guarantee.

CAWineClub levels - with graphic 600w

They have a number of different wine club levels; each club has basic differences in types of wines, number of bottles, price, etc.  They range from their most popular “Premiere Series” (about $40 a month) all the way up to their exclusive “Aged Cabernet Series”.

Regardless of your budget and your preferences of wines, I highly recommend CAWineClub as an excellent source for great wines, an excellent experience and high value – see our overall review of this company here.  (I know Tricia is also a big fan of the CAWineClub; she's reviewed a number of their clubs, including their International Series.  I also know that Eric is a fan, too; he's reviewed at least one of their clubs.  Lucky for me, I received this amazing Aged Cabernet Series to review!)

My delivery of this Wine Club.

Before we begin, I confess:  I haven't opened a bottle yet.

They're just too nice to just open up without a special occasion!  I am really, really looking forward to an opportunity to show off one of these bottles and share it with some good friends.  And when I say “share with good friends”, I mean it.  If I'm going to open one of the bottles from this Aged Cabernet Series, it's not going to be with “just anyone”.  No-ooo sir!  (kidding.  kinda.)

I took a number of pictures of the delivery I received.  I'll share them below.

A quick look at the wines that were in my delivery:

  • Peacock Family Vineyard, 2003 Spring Mountain District, Napa Valley Cabernet
  • Michael-Scott Wines, 2006 Napa Valley Cabernet

Here's some info about these wines:

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Bottle Details - Peacock Family Vineyard 600w

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Bottle Details - Michael-Scott Vineyard 600w

Here's how it arrived:

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Delivery in wrap

I unwrapped the bottles and took another picture:

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Delivery

I did like the touch of the wrapping.  Made the bottles feel extra exclusive.  Here's a close up:

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Series Bottle Wrap upclose

Details about the Wines in the delivery:

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Wine Details

Even more details about the wines in this delivery:

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Selections Details - more details

I took a nice photo of each bottle with its respective description.  Thought they looked too good not to share here, so here's another shot of each wine:

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Michael Scott uplcose

CAWineClub Aged Cabernet Peacock Cab Closeup

My perspective of this delivery:  Excellent packaging.  Well presented.  The wines look amazing.

If you have the taste (and the budget to match) for this exclusive wine club, I highly recommend it!  Please let me know what you think of your wines when you receive them.


Specification: The California Wine Club Aged Cabernet Club

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