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The World of Wine (Wine Club by Vinesse)

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“The World of Wine” Wine Club from Vinesse Wines is one of the best value in wine clubs that features delicious wines from the best wine growing regions from around the globe!  Your taste buds will not be disaapointed with the delicious international selections delivered each month with this wine club.


Why buy this wine club?

  • Lots of value in these delicious wines.
  • No boring wines.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
8.2Expert Score
The World of Wine (Wine Club by Vinesse)
A Wine Trip Around the Word!
If you love wines from France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and more -- then you're going to want to check this wine of the month club out!
Varietal Diversity
Geographic Diversity
Educational Material
Customer Service
Delivering Consistently Good Wine
  • Diverse Selection: The club offers Red and White wines from both renowned and emerging wine regions globally, ensuring a varied tasting experience.
  • Competitive Pricing: With bottles priced between $21–$23 the club provides an accessible entry point for wine enthusiasts to explore wines from around the world.
  • Customization: Members can tailor their subscription based on the number of bottles and frequency of shipments, offering flexibility to suit individual preferences.
  • Informative Tasting Notes: Each shipment includes detailed notes that enhance the wine-drinking experience, providing insights, pairing suggestions, and background information.
  • Potential Duplicates: For larger orders, such as 12 bottles per shipment, there might be duplicates of the same wine, which may not cater to those seeking 12 unique selections.
  • Pricing excludes shipping and taxes. You'll have to pay a little more.

Review: The World of Wine, by Vinesse

The World of Wine is a passport to the world's most renowned wine regions, offering members a curated journey through international, boutique wines. This club is not just about tasting; it's about understanding the essence of each wine-growing region and the stories encapsulated in every bottle.

1. Wine Selection:
The club's strength lies in its global curation, ensuring members get to experience wines from countries like France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile, and more. This diverse selection promises a rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, and wine-making traditions.

2. Pricing:
Priced between $20.25 and $23 per bottle, excluding tax and delivery, the club offers a competitive entry into the realm of international boutique wines. The pricing reflects a commitment to quality while ensuring value for money.

3. Customization:
Members are given the flexibility to tailor their subscription. They can choose the number of bottles, the type of wines, and adjust the frequency of shipments, ensuring a personalized wine journey.

4. Unique Features:
The club's focus on less conventional, international offerings sets it apart. It's an invitation to explore, to venture beyond the familiar, and to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of global wine culture.

5. Educational Value:
Each shipment is complemented by detailed tasting notes, providing insights into the wine's origin, pairing suggestions, and background information. This educational component ensures members not only taste but also understand and appreciate the nuances of each wine.

6. Overall Assessment:
The World of Wine, Delivered is a celebration of global wine culture. It's perfect for those with an adventurous palate, keen to explore the myriad flavors and stories the international wine world has to offer.

7. Conclusion:
In summation, The World of Wine, Delivered offers a harmonious blend of exploration, education, and exceptional quality. For those seeking to traverse the global wine landscape without leaving their homes, this club is a delightful and enriching choice.

6. Our Delivery:
We received a delivery of The Wine of the World Wine Club from Vinesse, and have documented it here for you to see

As you can see, the delivery arrived safely and the bottles were completely protected by their recycled / recyclable cardboard bottle protectors.

The packaging was simple and straightforward.  Not a lot of fluff.

These are the 5 bottles that came in this delivery

Here is a photo of the wines with the brochure in the background

The “high production value” full color brochure / letter is very nice.

This is an artsy fartsy photo of the bottles.


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"The World of Wine" Wine Club from Vinesse Wines is one of the best value in wine clubs that features delicious wines from the best wine growing ...
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Specification: The World of Wine (Wine Club by Vinesse)

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