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American Cellars Wine Club (by Vinesse)

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The American Cellars Wine club is an excellent wine of the month club, delivering excellent quality (delicious!) wines, at a very reasonable price!  With plenty of options for any budget and taste, this wine club is highly rated and suited for most wine lovers. (Highly rated)


7.8Expert Score
American Cellars Wine Club (by Vinesse)
Exceptional Value on Delicious Wines
The American Cellars Wine Club by Vinesse delivers exceptional value, curating boutique U.S. wines that are both unique and affordably priced. This club masterfully balances quality and cost, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts eager to explore premium wines without the premium price tag
Varietal Diversity
Educational Material
  • Value for Money: Offers a curated selection of boutique wines at an affordable price range.
  • Unique Selection: Features wines from small, lesser-known wineries, ensuring exclusivity.
  • Customization: Provides flexibility in choosing the number of bottles, type of wines, and shipment frequency.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. They'll replace any wine you don't like.
  • Buy more: You can also purchase specific wines to be delivered from their wine store!
  • Limited International Flavors: While the club does offer some international wines, the primary focus is on U.S. wines, which might limit the global tasting experience for some.
  • Exclusivity vs. Variety: The emphasis on boutique and hard-to-find wines might mean less variety in popular or mainstream wine varietals.
  • Shipping isn't included. Tax and shipping aren't included in the published price.

Review: American Cellars Wine Club by Vinesse

The American Cellars Wine Club, a flagship offering by Vinesse, has stood the test of time, providing members with unique wines for two decades. This club is not just about wines; it's about the stories, craftsmanship, and hidden gems of the wine world, primarily from boutique U.S. wineries, with a touch of international flair.

1. Wine Selection:
The club's strength lies in its curated selection from small, lesser-known wineries, ensuring that members receive wines that are not just unique but also of high quality. While the focus is on American wines, the occasional international wine adds a touch of global sophistication.

2. Pricing:
With a price range of $12–$16.50 per bottle, excluding tax and delivery, the American Cellars Wine Club offers an affordable gateway into the world of boutique wines. This pricing is especially attractive given the exclusivity of the wines they offer.

3. Customization:
You can choose the number of bottles delivered, ranging from 3 to 12 bottles per shipment, and decide on the type of wines you prefer (reds, whites, or a mix of both). Additionally, the frequency of shipments can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

4. Unique Features:
The “Wine of the Year” initiative is a standout feature, allowing members to actively participate in the wine selection process. This democratic approach not only engages members but also ensures that the club's offerings are continually refined based on member feedback.

5. Additional Features:
As with other Vinesse offerings, each shipment is accompanied by detailed tasting notes. These notes provide a deeper understanding of each wine's characteristics, food pairing suggestions (complete with recipes), and more.

6. Overall Assessment:
The American Cellars Wine Club is a celebration of boutique wineries and the art of winemaking. Its focus on limited-production runs and hard-to-find wines makes it a treasure trove for both new wine drinkers and seasoned enthusiasts. The club's democratic approach to wine selection and its commitment to delivering unique wines set it apart in the crowded wine subscription market.

7. Conclusion:
The American Cellars Wine Club offers a blend of exclusivity, quality, and member engagement — all for a value price. For those seeking to explore the hidden gems of the wine world without breaking the bank, this club is an excellent choice. Its long-standing reputation and commitment to member satisfaction make it a standout offering in the world of wine subscriptions.

8. Our Deliveries:
Both Tricia and Todd have received deliveries of the American Cellars Wine Club by Vinesse.  Since Todd's delivery was the most recent, we'll highlight this first.

In both of our deliveries, the wine was packaged safely and arrived securely in their respective bottles, nice and neat.  The packaging was clearly recycled / recyclable cardboard product that was lightweight, worked well and was easy to recycle.

Take a look at Todd's delivery in photos below:

The 6 bottles arrived safely in environmentally friendly packaging.


This delivery was their “basic” (no upgrades) American Cellars Wine Club. This delivery had both Red and White wines.


The Full Color 4 page welcome letter / tasting notes / recipe suggestions is a very nice touch. The recipes are curated specifically for the wine in the delivery.


The welcome letter (front side) shows the front page and the rear page of the brochure.


Tricia's Vinesse Wine Club Review

Vinesse offers wine clubs as well as sales of wine by the bottle.

They are one of the largest and most respected wine clubs in the country.  Starting at $49.99 for 8 bottles, including shipping: this is their most affordable club.

Buy their introductory offer of 8 bottles for $49.99 (including shipping) and Save over $100 Today

My Experience with Vinesse Wine Club

American Cellars Wine Club

We were sent a shipment of the wine club to try for ourselves and also tried a number of the other clubs that Vinesse offers.

Customer service at Vinesse is excellent.

We didn't experience any problems with billing, shipping, etc. In fact, we found it was quite easy to get in touch with people at Vinesse about their clubs.

The wine is a great price!

As for the wine itself, the wine in the Vinesse Wine Club breaks down to about $6.25 per bottle and they market the bottles as being a retail of between $10 and $15. If you want a higher quality of wine, you should try one of their other higher-end clubs such as their Elevant Wine Club.

The wine is delicious!

I received a nice assortment of different wines in my shipment including:

  • 2013 Old School Lane Cellars California Chardonnay
  • 2013 Gracenote Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
  • 2014 Vendaval Mendoza, Argentina Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2013 Alerys Utiel-Requena, Spain Bobal Rose
  • 2013 Scoperta Puglia, Italy Aglianico di Puglia

Each bottle came with about a half page of tasting notes that includes the background of the wine, the grape composition, how the wine was aged, when you should drink it, and food pairing suggestions. Scores for their tasting panel ranged from 89 to 92 points.

Buy this wine club and you'll be glad you did.

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The American Cellars Wine club is an excellent wine of the month club, delivering excellent quality (delicious!) wines, at a very reasonable price!  ...
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