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Plonk Wine Club

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The Wine Club Options from Plonk brings you 4, 6, or 12 bottles of artisan, hard to find wines that have been hand selected by their founder and owner.  You can choose all red, all white wine or a “mix” of both.


“Your curated wine journey begins with an expert selection of hidden gem, sustainably grown wines culled from every corner of the globe and delivered to your doorstep.”

Plonk is impressive!  Particularly if you want to explore new wines, try new varietals, and be exposed to unique wines that you can't / won't find elsewhere.   They focus on “sustainability” and “bio-diversity” in their selections, which really sets them apart.

Another key differentiator is “who selects the wine”?  Plonk offers excellent Wine Club options, providing you or your gift recipient with amazing wines, curated by their owner (Chef & Sommelier and all-around awesome person), Etty Klien

“Curated” means that Etty Klien will identify only the best wines (from the best sources).  With her expert opinion, she will choose the best Red Wines, and/or White Wines for each delivery you receive.

The clubs options are nice and simple.  It starts with (1) “what kind of wine do you want?”, then (2) “how many bottles each delivery?”, finished with (3) “how frequently do you want deliveries?”.

You can choose Red Wine Only, White Wine Only, or Half Red and Half White.

You can choose the number of bottles:   4 bottles, 6 bottles (half case) or 12 bottles (full case and best deal).

Plonk Makes Wine Club Purchasing Nice and Easy!

It's pretty straightforward.

..but their wine choices are not “straightforward”, rather, they're very unique and hard to find!

If you want to explore new wines, open bottles of delicious wines that you and your guests will find amazing, then look no further.  Order a wine club from Plonk.

Plonk Wine Club Review

Plonk is a British slang term for “cheap or affordable wine”. It's sometimes used, comically, as a derogatory term — “wines that you would never serve at a white table cloth or fine dining establishment”.

The fact that this company names their wine business, “Plonk”, is extremely ironic, considering the amazing value you get with these wines. (It's charming and gives you a sense of the cool character of this company!)

The idea behind the company was to turn the notion of “value wine”, or the concept of “cheap wine” on its head and present wines that provide a lot of bang for the buck. Moreover, they select really intriguing and unique wines, sourced from boutique wineries. So, the naming of the company, Plonk Wine Club is an ironic twist on the term value wine.

The 4, 6 or 12 bottles of wine you get in each delivery are wines that are drinkable now — no need to be cellared.

These are really cool, off-the-beaten-path wines, under-the-radar wines that you won't find at any big box store or supermarket in your town. These are all “hidden gem wines”, that are made of indigenous grapes.

It's like a wine-tasting adventure!

Plonk Wine Club likes to discover and present “unusual suspects”. (You won't get a lot of chardonnay and cabernet from typical regions from the typical regions.) They want to promote wine education and learning about new things!

International, Global Wines, and Unique Grapes Set this Club Apart.

The wines you get from Plonk Wine Club are from everywhere. (Really. EVERYWHERE.)

It's predominantly filled with international selections, yet with plenty of domestic wines (California Wines and Pacific Northwest) too. The focus is global.

In terms of International Wines, you'll certainly find wines from “normal” regions like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Australia, etc. But you'll also find a lot of unique, far reaching places like Croatia and Slovenia, and so much more!

If you're interested in learning about wines from all over the globe and especially learning about indigenous grapes that are native to their place of origin (different many different regions), then you'll love Plonk Wine Club.

Etty Klien (the Plonk Wine Club owner) does all the tasting and selecting. She's really passionate about indigenous varieties and helping her customers expand their wine palettes and knowledge. She finds wine based on grapes that are native to their place that you can't find anywhere else. These grapes and their wine will give you a glimpse into the local cultural landscape of the specific region.

So the wine selections: Definitely an international focus from all over the world!

9.5Expert Score
Plonk Wine Club
Delicious, Unique Wines!
Discover New Wines, Expand Your Wine Knowledge, Uncover Hidden Gems and Take a Wine Tasting Adventure With This Unique 12 Bottle (full case) Wine Club
  • 4 Unique Bottles
  • Interesting Selections
  • Select Red, White or Mixed
  • Video Education
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging
  • Standard shipments are monthly. (Customized delivery schedule available via customer service.)
  • Gift packaging is sufficient, but not extraordinary

A Once a Month Club.

The Plonk Wine Club is sent monthly. Shipments are sent at the first Monday of each month.

Every delivery includes 4 Bottles in each package. (They also offer a case club so you can get 3 bottles of each of these wines!)

As for delivery frequency? You can choose a 3-month membership, 6-month membership, or a 12-month membership. Of course, you can choose an “ongoing” membership. It's a simple “Month to Month” Membership that you can cancel at any time.

As for Wine Choices? You have 3 Options: All Red Wine, All White Wine or “Mixed Wine Club”. In the Mixed Wine Club, typically include 2 Reds and 2 Whites, but summers will include dry rose and holiday will include some really cool sparkling wines.

The best way to learn about wines is to taste something new each time you drink wine! If you find something you like you can always order more. The idea is to always try something new, broaden your horizons and get out of the rut of always drinking merlot or always drinking sauvignon blanc.

Etty Klien always hears from customers who tell her they never knew about certain wines, that they existed or that they'd fall in love with them.

This Club is about Diversity

Here's a quote from Etty Klien, directly. She says it best.

“It's sort of sad to me when people only drink one thing.

“One of the most amazing and intriguing things about the world of wine is that the opportunities are almost limitless. You can drink all your life and still not tap into half of the grape varieties that grow on our planet.”

“There are so many incredible indigenous varieties that are delicious, and so different from one grape to the next and you can learn so much about the diversity by tasting different things. Diversity is a big focus of our club and our customers really love that.”

Presenting Value Wines For Any Night.

The wine you receive with Plonk Wine Club is perfect to drink on any regular night at dinner, with friends or the spouse. Not special occasion, expensive wines.

These wines are excellent. Any sommelier would be proud to serve them. (But they don't cost an arm and a leg.

The price of this club is simple and straightforward.

$110 per shipment of 4 bottles

$160 per shipment of 4 bottles

$285 per shipment of 4 bottles


Although these wines are so unique, you may want to save them for special occasions, the price is such that they don't have to be “special occasion wines”.

I highly recommend this club!

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