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Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club (by Vinesse)

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The Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club from Vinesse Wines is one of the only wine clubs that features all Cabernet Sauvignon all the time!


Why buy this wine club?

  • If you love Cabernet then you're going to love this Cabernet Wine Club.
  • No commitments, cancel anytime
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
8.4Expert Score
Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club (by Vinesse)
Delicious Cabernet Only!
If you love the bold, rich and deep flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon -- then you're going to love this wine of the month club! Nothing but Cabernet in each delivery! (Good Cabernet!)
Varietal Diversity
Geographic Diversity
Educational Material
Customer Service
Delivering Consistently Good Wine
  • Diverse Selection: The club offers Cabernet from both renowned and emerging wine regions globally, ensuring a varied tasting experience.
  • Competitive Pricing: With bottles priced between $16.50–$18.50, the club provides an accessible entry point for those keen to explore the world of Chardonnay.
  • Customization: Members can tailor their subscription based on the number of bottles and frequency of shipments, offering flexibility to suit individual preferences.
  • Informative Tasting Notes: Each shipment includes detailed notes that enhance the wine-drinking experience, providing insights, pairing suggestions, and background information.
  • Potential Duplicates: For larger orders, such as 12 bottles per shipment, there might be duplicates of the same wine, which may not cater to those seeking 12 unique selections.
  • Limited Varietal Focus: The club exclusively focuses on Cabernet Sauvignon only, which might not appeal to those who desire a broader range of white wine varietals in their subscription.
  • Pricing excludes shipping and taxes. You'll have to pay a little more.

Review: Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club by Vinesse

The Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club by Vinesse is a tribute to one of the most revered red wine varietals – and Todd's personal favorite:  Cabernet!

This club promises a journey into the heart of Cabernet Sauvignon, showcasing its rich, oaky flavors and deep aromas, sourced from renowned wine regions like Bordeaux and Napa Valley.

And the best part:  This club delivers ONLY cabernet.  Even though other red wines may be delicious, and are available in other wine clubs, this wine of the month club focuses exclusively on Cabernet.

1. Wine Selection:
The club's offerings are a testament to the versatility and depth of Cabernet Sauvignon. Each hand-chosen selection ensures members get to experience the full-bodied flavor, power, and exceptional depth that this varietal is celebrated for.

2. Pricing:
With a price range of $19 to $21.75 per bottle, excluding tax and delivery, the Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club offers a competitive entry into the world of premium Cabernets. This pricing reflects a balance between quality and accessibility.

Of course you can spend more, but these bottles of Cabernet are always delicious — and always a terrific value.

3. Customization:
Like many other wine clubs from Vinesse, you can choose the number of bottles, ranging from 3 to 12 per shipment, and adjust the frequency of shipments to suit their preferences.

4. Unique Features:
The club's focus on erasing preconceived notions about Cabernet Sauvignon is noteworthy. By offering selections that are both luxurious and approachable, it invites both seasoned wine enthusiasts and newcomers to appreciate the varietal without any pretense.

5. Pairing Suggestions:
The club emphasizes the wine's compatibility with hearty meat dishes, enhancing the dining experience. This guidance is invaluable for those looking to elevate their culinary adventures.

6. Additional Features:
As with other Vinesse offerings, each shipment is accompanied by detailed tasting notes. These notes provide a deeper understanding of each wine's characteristics, offering pairing suggestions, background information, and touring tips.

7. Overall Assessment:
The Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club is a celebration of a classic red wine varietal. It's perfect for those who appreciate the robust flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon and are keen to explore its range from various renowned wine regions.

8. Conclusion:
In summation, the Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club offers a harmonious blend of depth, flavor, and education. For those seeking to delve deep into the world of Cabernet Sauvignon, this club stands as a beacon, promising rich discoveries with every bottle.

9. Our deliveries:

We received a delivery of this Cabernet Wine Club and have some photos and videos for you here!

We received the THREE BOTTLE delivery.  (If we had the six bottle club, we'd get two of each of these bottles.)

This eco-friendly packaging is simple and focuses the recipient on the important cargo: the delicious cabernet!

These are the 3 bottles within this delivery. Every delivery will include wine that will be equally delicious!

One of the delicious bottles of cabernet that was in this delivery. (I think this one looks like the best one!)

The second of the three bottles in this month's delivery of cabernet. It looks like a great bottle!

The third of three bottles of delicious Cabernet Sauvignon! Looks great!


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The Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club from Vinesse Wines is one of the only wine clubs that features all Cabernet Sauvignon all the time!
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