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We just reviewed the Plonk Wine Club – It’s really unique! (Video)

Recently, Tricia, Eric and I all received a delivery of the Plonk Wine Club.

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Plonk-Wine-Club_Logo[/custom_frame_right] We decided that we'd all do a little video in the review, as we all received different wines and had different perspectives and different initial reactions to this wine club.

So, we made a video with all three of us!

In this video review, I introduce the club and what I've learned about it — plus, I share my delivery of four different bottles of red wine.  (I can't wait to dig in to them!)  Also, Eric and Tricia share their deliveries and thoughts on this club.

(You may not know that we were in separate locations, due to the magic of my video editing skills, but I assure you — each of us were in our respective homes doing these reviews.)

Here is the video review we made.   (NOTE:  Grab a glass of wine before you press play.  You'll be craving wine.  Or, you'll want to play along with the drinking game I suggest below the video.)

In the spirit of humor and wine, I've come up with a fun little drinking game that you may consider playing when watching this video.  Every time I say the word “interesting”, you must drink.  And, if I say “hidden gems”, you must take a big drink.

Check out our Full Plonk Wine Club Review.

We've also completed our full Plonk Wine Club Review page that will be updated from time to time with new videos, new photos and more review content as we learn more about this club.

The Plonk Wine Club actually is very interesting.  Why?  Because it's not like your normal “brand name” wine club, nor is it like any Winery Wine Club.  It's also not your typical “wine club” wine club.

…it's a wine club that's focused on exploring really unique wines and helping you learn about wine, expanding your wine palette and uncovering new wine regions and their indigenous grapes.

Yeah, that's a mouthful of buzzwords.  But it's sincere.

I'm really impressed with the “flavor” of this wine club, and am loving the experience.

Are you going to try Plonk Wine Club?

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