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WineTasting Network Flash Deal (Followup)

I ordered the Flash Deal I told you about earlier this month, and the shipment was delivered within a week.

To remind you of the deal we shared, EverSave.com had an offer for 55% off of 6 Bottles of premium wine, value of $119.95 for only $54.

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The process of ordering it was rather wonky. In fact, if I hadn't paid closer attention, I would have never actually received my wine.

When you order from any “flash deal” site, you actually pay the site, not the vendor directly. So, after you pay the flash deal site, you get a “voucher code” to which you can apply to your actual order at the vendor's e-commerce site. In this case, this process was not very intuitive, and frankly, after I submitted my billing and shipping details and paid my $54, I felt “done”. But I was wrong.

The next step — a critical step — is to go to the vendor's site and place the order. This involves, once again, submitting billing and shipping details. And in this case, also paying an additional $19.95 for shipping and about $10 for taxes.

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The resulting cost for these six bottles of wine was $82.34. (Remember, this was advertised at $54, or 55% off. Yes, the “details” discloses the shipping rates, so I wasn't “duped”. I did not, however, enjoy making two payments to two separate companies for a special deal like this.)

Here's a breakdown of the costs:
$54.00 – paid to EverSave
$19.95 – shipping paid to WineTasting.com
$8.39 – tax paid to WineTasting.com
Total: $82.34.

Including tax and shipping, the total price per bottle: $13.72

The wine.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my delivery so quickly. (In fact, I almost missed the delivery as UPS came twice when I wasn't home to sign for it. Fortunately, I was home for their third and final delivery attempt.)

In the box, the 6 bottles were securely packaged and presented nicely in two rows of 3 bottles. As I opened the box, I was really excited to see the two nice bottles of red wine on the top row.

…but then I remembered that this shipment was half red and half white wine. Since I'm not a big white wine fan, my gut reaction to seeing only three bottles of red wine next to three bottles of white wine is slight disappointment. (Weird, eh? I knew what I was getting into when I bought it.)

Last weekend, I opened one of the bottles of merlot. It was delicious! Seriously. Really, really good. (This one was the Geerlings & Wade 2011 Merlot.)

Just last night (on #WineWednesday), I had a friend over and we shared the other bottle of merlot. It was also very good, but slightly less delicious than the first bottle. (This second bottle of red was the Hamilton Estates 2011 Merlot)

Now, I'm left with one of the reds left and three bottles of white.

Since my experience with the reds (so far) has been so positive, I'm looking forward to trying the whites wines. (Well, I'll keep telling myself that.)

Hmmm.. I guess it's time to expand the palette and give these whites a try!

For reference, these were the six bottles of wine in my delivery:

2545 Cellars 2009 Torrontes
Floral notes of candied peaches and roses. Flavors of tropical fruits flood the mouth like a torrent with an extra zing of spice and acidity on the finish.

Hamilton Estates 2011 Merlot
This wine has a dark garnet color. The forward fruit profile includes cherry, blackberry and plum with flavors of vanilla spice. Tannins and fruit marry well for a soft finish.

Hamilton Estates 2010 Chardonnay
Harmonious and pleasant on the palate, a delicious fruit forward mouthfeel with rich complexity and solid structure.

Geerlings & Wade 2011 Merlot
Wine from extraordinary vineyards located in Napa, Sonoma and the Central Coast converge each year into a wine blend of great quality and value.

Premio Selezione 2011 Sangiovese
Intense ruby red colour. Pleasant and persistent nose, with delicate hints of violet. Dry but fruity taste, harmonious.

San Valencia 2010 Chardonnay
Crisp green apple, lemony citrus, and tropical fruit aromas and flavors, with toasty new wood accents.


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