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Why Is This the Hottest Wine Accessory of the Season?

Corkcicle Canteen for Wine

Summer is here and many of us are switching from mulled wines to sangria–from heavy reds to fruity whites. Rose is everywhere! During the winter there’s nothing better than arriving at party with a beautiful bottle of wine to show off and share. But during summer? We […]

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How to Drink Wine During the Big Game

Wine and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up and everyone is making their food and drink lists. Wait…did I just say Super Bowl? Because they get really mad when anyone uses their name. So let’s just stick with “The Big Game.” Ads during “The Big Game” are always filled […]

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Thankful for Wine and Pinterest

Wine and Thanksgiving on Pinterest

As I saw everyone posting on Facebook the things that they are thankful for, I was thinking to myself that I am thankful for wine and Pinterest. How else would I be able to figure out in 10 minutes which wines to pair with Thanksgiving dinner, how […]

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Happy Hallo-Wine As Seen On Pinterest

Pinterest Halloween

Have you ever heard of “Hallo-Wine”? I hadn’t until I was hanging out on Pinterest the other day looking for fun wine crafts. It turns out that wine and Halloween are actually a pretty good combination. In addition to the obvious things you would think about, there […]

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Why Wine Lovers Love Their Corkcicles

corkcicle chilling white wine 600w

Ahh, the corkcicle.  The insanely brilliant invention that is keeping wine lovers happy around the world. What?  You’ve never heard of a corkcicle? Well, my friends, let me introduce you to the wonderment of this simple, functional, fun wine accessory. So first, it’s a cork.  Yep.  A […]

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