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How to Drink Wine During the Big Game

Wine and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up and everyone is making their food and drink lists. Wait…did I just say Super Bowl? Because they get really mad when anyone uses their name. So let’s just stick with “The Big Game.”

Ads during “The Big Game” are always filled with beer brands and beer guzzling. That doesn’t mean that us wine lovers need to be left out. I’ve tried beer. It’s just not my thing. But I still want to be cool and non-pretentious during “The Big Game.” What’s a wine lover to do?

Here are some of my suggestions:

Use a Red Solo Cup. Nothing says “I’m just one of the gang” on game day like a Red Solo Cup. I don’t recommend putting any really great wine into it because that would be a waste. But if you’re just popping open your “everyday wines” while kicking back and eating a lot of fatty foods, no one will even know what you are drinking.

WineSteinWine Beer Stein. Take your vessel a little further with the wine glass disguised in a beer stein (seen in the picture above..hiding amongst the beer can). Technically it is called the Fred & Friends Winestein Double-Walled Glass Mug. But it's basically a wine glass hiding in a beer stein. You can even get it the next day with Amazon Prime.

NFL Wine. Although there isn’t really such a thing (that I have seen), you can pick up some credibility with your football fan friends if you choose a wine from a winery that it owned by a current or former NFL player. Selections include Mike Ditkas Wines (made famous thanks to his steakhouse), Dan Marino’s Vintage 13 Marino Estates, and Drew Bledsoe: Doubleback Wine.

Go with a cocktail. Turn your wine into something a little more festive by making mimosas or bellinis. As an added bonus, you don’t have to feel guilty when you start to drink them before lunch.

NFL and WineAccessorize with NFL gear. Fanatics has over 600 wine related licensed items from wine goblets to wine cooler totes to team shoe wine bottle holders. You can >show your team spirit while still enjoying your favorite…spirit.

Tell the beer drinkers you just don’t care what they think. Wine is meant to be enjoyed any time, any place. They’re beer drinkers. Who are they to judge?

There’s a time to take wine seriously and a time to just have fun with it. Sunday during “The Big Game” is a time to just have fun with it.

Bonus Drinking Game! No matter what you are drinking, Eric suggests you take a sip every time Manning says “OMAHA!” You’d better have a lot of booze on hand.


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