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Happy Hallo-Wine As Seen On Pinterest

Have you ever heard of “Hallo-Wine”? I hadn't until I was hanging out on Pinterest the other day looking for fun wine crafts. It turns out that wine and Halloween are actually a pretty good combination. In addition to the obvious things you would think about, there are some really cool ideas for both serving the wine and decorating with the bottles.

In honor of Hallo-Wine this week, I have pulled together a collection of my very favorite Halloween/wine pins. Check them out and leave me a message if I missed any!

Pinterest Halloween


Fun Glasses

Halloween Wine Glasses

Anyone can make these homemade glasses with a little paint and some googly eyes. They say “I'm Here for the Boos!” and would make a nice gift for party-goers to take home. There wasn't a link to instructions or anything, but you can find the pin here. If you want the guests to be able to take them home as party favors, you can find relatively cheap plain wine glasses at the dollar store.

Wine Glass Charms

Halloween Wine Glass Charms

I found a lot of different Halloween wine charms, some purchased and some made. It turns out that these were a craft idea from Oriental Trading Company. You can buy all of the little parts separately and put them together however you want. Mix and match the different charms that they have to add guests' initials if you know who is coming.

Halloween Wine Charms 2

If you aren't feeling crafty, here's a cute handmade set that you can buy for only $12.50 on Etsy. This set would also make a nice gift to give in advance or take to a party with you.


Decorating with Wine Bottles

Candy Corn Wine Bottles

Looking for a really unique idea to turn your wine bottles into decorations? Try your had at making these “Candy Corn” themed bottles with spray paint. Here's a set of directions where they call them Ombre Wine Bottles. You can then set them out as is or fill them with fall flowers to add height to your decor.

Wine Bottle Ghosts

Wine Bottle Ghosts are a great way to add light and decoration to your Halloween scene. I've seen these done at Christmas with white lights but the addition of the spooky ghost face and black ribbon makes them perfect for fall as well. Put them around the buffet table or line the mantle with them.

Wine Bottle with Eyes

Another take on the Halloween wine bottle. This one doesn't require anything except ribbon and those little googly craft eyes. If you save up enough bottles in advance these would be really cheap to make and you could let guests take them home at the end of the night.


Serving the Wine

Ghostly White Wine

The easiest way to combine Halloween and wine is with spooky-themed wine like this Ghostly White from Elk Creek Vineyards (available in both Chardonnay and Sweet Mellow Wine). Elk Creek also sells Bone Dry Red Cabernet for fans of red wine. I've seen other varieties as well like Vampire Red.

Halloween Wine Labels

Or take ordinary wine and make it spooky with some custom Halloween Wine Labels. These feature Shrieking Chardonnay, Mourning Merlot, Pinot Noir Nightmare, and Pinot Grigio Ghostliness. Our friend Jen Goode also has made some printable Halloween potion and witch's brew labels that you can use on wine bottles. I would love to take some of the wine I reviewed from the California Wine Club and add these to the front. It would be a nice mix of high quality wine with a little Halloween fun.

Pumpkin Wine Buckets

Cheap pumpkin buckets (I got some for $1) are a great way to keep the wine cold and add some Halloween theme to your buffet. Poke a tiny hole in the bottom to let the water drain out into the bowls as it melts.

Halloween Serving Tray

This is a super easy way to add Halloween to your glasses and serving tray using Halloween cupcake liners. People could also write their names on them rather than using wine charms.


Best Halloween Wine Costume

Wine Box Halloween Contest

Lastly, you can look the part of your wine this Halloween by creating a wine box Halloween costume. Get creative with what you right on it and don't forget the spout!

Are there any great Halloween and wine party ideas that we have missed? Will you be celebrating Halloween with wine this year?

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