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Why Wine Lovers Love Their Corkcicles

Ahh, the corkcicle.  The insanely brilliant invention that is keeping wine lovers happy around the world.

What?  You've never heard of a corkcicle?

Well, my friends, let me introduce you to the wonderment of this simple, functional, fun wine accessory.

So first, it's a cork.  Yep.  A cork.  (Go figure.)

But (and here's the impressive part), attached to this cork is a long, thin cold protrusion that chills your wine inside the bottle.

…and guess what shape it's in?  It's shaped like an icicle!


All kidding aside, it really is quite clever.

The corkcicle works directly with your wine bottle, with the cold “icicle” submerging into your wine and chilling it.  It's as simple as that.  (Why didn't I think of that?)

Although its shaped like an icicle, it is not an icicle, nor is it ice.  Thus, it won't melt and negatively affect your wine.

It Starts With Your Freezer.

[custom_frame_center]corkcicle standard 600w[/custom_frame_center]

My “How-To” manual for the corkcicle is multi-stepped, detailed and may require several readings to remember them all.

Here goes:

  1. Clean the CorkCicle.
  2. Place Corkcicle in freezer.
  3. Leave it there until frozen.
  4. Remove CorkCicle from freezer when ready to use.

Once you're ready to drink wine and in need of the corkcicle's services, just plunge the cold icicle into the wine, while the “cork” part rests on top of your bottle of wine.

Bam!  You're drinking perfectly chilled wine.

Keeping Your White Wine Cold.

[custom_frame_center]corkcicle chilling white wine 600w[/custom_frame_center]On those hot summer days on the patio, at a picnic or by the pool, you want your delicious white wines cold – and you want them to stay cold.

The brilliance of the corkcicle is that after you pour your glass of cold white wine, you simply plunge the corkcicle into the wine and the blazing sun will not warm your white wine.  Instead, your wine will remain perfectly cold, despite the efforts of the hot sun rays.

Chilllin' Your Red Wine Just Right.

[custom_frame_center]corkcicle chills red wine to perfect temprature 600[/custom_frame_center]I was just telling my friend about the corkcicle.  I told her that it can chill red wine, too.  Her response was, “Who the hell would do that?  Who would do that???”

I replied, “No, no.  I, too, find chilled red wine disgusting.  This takes your room temperature red wine (which is too warm) down to the perfect drinking temperature of roughly 10 degrees below room temperature in just about 15 minutes.”

Designer Corks Make You Fancy.

[custom_frame_center]corkcicle colors 600w[/custom_frame_center] The corkcicle has a normal, basic version that I find sufficient and aesthetically appealing enough.

But, for those of you with a more sophisticated eye or distinguishing sense of style, you may opt for one of their designer versions.

These “designer” version have bright colors and look very stylish.

Delivery Humor.

[custom_frame_center]corkcicle designer color 600w[/custom_frame_center] All three of us in the Wine Club Group (Eric, Tricia, and me) received a corkcicle, delivered to our homes.

They all arrived nicely packaged and damage-free.

However, Tricia's delivery made me chuckle a bit, and I thought I'd share this funny little nugget with you as we sign off for the day.

You see, on the outside of the package, the brown cardboard box prominently displays the brand name / logo “CorkCicle”.

Considering that not everyone in the world already knows of the CorkCicle, I found it downright hilarious to know that the “R” in CorkCicle was covered by a corner of the mailing label.

Thus, leaving anyone who laid their eyes on the long, thick package wondering what could be inside.

Want a corkcicle delivered to you?

Regardless of what state you live in, you can get a corkcicle.

Although you may wonder “what wine clubs ship to my state?” — but you won't have to worry about this question when it comes to your corkcicle!

You can live in the hot state of Florida, Texas or Georgia, you can get a cold corkcicle delivered to your door.  (But remember, before you start shopping for your next wine club, check our list of states to see which wine clubs deliver to your state.)

Do you have a corkcicle?  If not, click here to get your own!

Enjoy your chilled wine, folks!

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