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Why Is This the Hottest Wine Accessory of the Season?

Corkcicle Canteen for Wine

Summer is here and many of us are switching from mulled wines to sangria–from heavy reds to fruity whites. Rose is everywhere! During the winter there's nothing better than arriving at party with a beautiful bottle of wine to show off and share. But during summer? We need to think more practically. That's why everyone is going crazy over the Corkcicle Canteen.

There are three important things you need to know to understand why they have become so popular with wine drinkers.

  1. The Canteens come in multiple sizes (9oz, 16oz, 25oz, and 60oz). It just so happens that the 25oz is 750ml, or the exact size of a bottle of wine. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  2. Chill your bottle of wine to the temperature you desire and then pour it into the Canteen. The Canteen will keep it cool for 12+ hours. Really, what are the chances of your wine lasting more than 12 hours no matter where you are taking it?
  3. Made of shatterproof stainless steel, the liner won't impact the taste of the wine and the bottle itself can't be broken on the beach, your boat, or being tossed around at a picnic.

Just sit and imagine all of the places you can take your wine-filled Canteen. Really….close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself with your Canteen. Where are you? I'm probably laying out in the sun on a blanket listening to music. You may be on a secluded beach or at the end of a hike. It doesn't matter–you have a bottle of wine with you. I also probably have a little bag of cut-up fruit because my canteen is likely to be holding sangria.

The Canteens come in many different colors including green, purple, pink, black, blue, turquoise, white, etc. Of course some of them have fancy color names like “graphite” but I think the most appropriate is “merlot.” They also come in Matte, Gloss, and Brushed finishes. Some colors are easier than others to find (“Gloss Turquoise” Canteens were apparently very popular recently).

You can find the full range of products on the Corkcicle website or use Prime Shipping on Amazon to get it shipped for free.

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