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Thankful for Wine and Pinterest

Wine and Thanksgiving on Pinterest
As I saw everyone posting on Facebook the things that they are thankful for, I was thinking to myself that I am thankful for wine and Pinterest. How else would I be able to figure out in 10 minutes which wines to pair with Thanksgiving dinner, how to decorate my table with wine bottles, and the perfect hostess gift for next Thursday?

Although Pinterest People (“Pinners”?) didn't go as crazy over Thanksgiving as they did Halloween (see our Happy Hallo-wine on Pinterest), they still did give me some great ideas that I have pulled together for you.

Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

This is probably what I saw the most pins about. So many different articles suggesting so many different things! We did our own Thanksgiving Wines post last year. Here are some other opinions.

Thanksgiving Wine picks from Sommeliers

Thanksgiving Wine: Top Picks from Sommeliers. I really like this post because it gives recommendations from different sommeliers so you can read through and see who you most agree with. The first one suggests that Champagne goes with everything. I won't disagree!

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings from Food52. Guest author Heather Munden of the St. Francis Winery provides some general tips as well as some specific wines if you want to know exactly what to buy.

Thanksgiving Wines Under $20

Thanksgiving Wines Under $20. If you are like me and plan on needing a few bottles of wine for Thanksgiving dinner, this is a great list of affordable wines to fit any palate. Simple and to the point!

Decorating with Wine Bottles

The next most popular group of wine pins for Thanksgiving involved decorating in some way with wine bottles. These are just a couple of the ones I am considering trying.

Thanksgiving Wine Bottle Decorations

This is ingenuous. Paint the wine bottles with chalkboard paint and then you can write whatever you want on them. Change up the flowers in them however you like to match your decor.


Lighted up decorated wine bottles. I saw a few of these but none of them had instructions. This one can be purchased on Etsy. I'm sure that you could find some instructions if you really tried, especially since we have seen similar ones for other holidays. But for $25 I might just buy this one and save myself the trouble.


Wine bottle turkey. This wine bottle decor might be more at my DIY level. In fact, I think I could probably even have the kids do something like this. Simple paint, some feathers, and a felt hat. In fact, I think you could keep the kids busy for hours with something like this.


These painted wine bottles are even more simple. Add a bow at the top or some fake leaves to the back to make the turkey feathers.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts


Download a simple wine label to place over your bottle label to create a special hostess give beyond just taking the bottle of wine (which everyone will love anyway).


Here's another take on the hostess gift. Instead of creating a bottle label, download and print out these bottle tags that you can add to any bottle.

Thanksgiving Humor


This one isn't exactly helpful, but it's pretty darn funny! (and accurate for many of us)

I'll keep pinning onto our board as Thanksgiving gets closer. Be sure that you are following us on Pinterest to see what other goodies I find!

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