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Columbus Day Inspired Wine Education – Learning About Italian Wine.

Today is Columbus Day, a day we celebrate the discovery of our land in 1492. Since I have been out of school for so many years, I must admit, I didn't remember ...

Plonk Wine Club Review – Our Interview with the Founder of Plonk Wine Club (video)

Recently, all three of us (Tricia, Eric and I) received a delivery of the Plonk Wine Club. It's a really unique club that focuses on increasing your wine ...

72 Hour Flash Deal Alert – 36% off Cellars Wine Club Today!

Breaking news:  One of our favorite wine clubs is having a FLASH SALE for 72 hours only.  It just started today, and it's a great deal, on a really ...

WineTasting Network Flash Deal (Followup)

I ordered the Flash Deal I told you about earlier this month, and the shipment was delivered within a week. To remind you of the deal we shared, EverSave.com ...

We just reviewed the Plonk Wine Club – It’s really unique! (Video)

Recently, Tricia, Eric and I all received a delivery of the Plonk Wine Club. We decided that we'd all do a little video in the review, as we all received ...

WineTastingNetwork Flash Deal – 55% off

Today we ran into a flash deal that we had to share with you.  Although we haven't received our own shipments of this yet, we wanted to be sure you knew ...

Playboy Wine Club Review: The Sexiest of All Wine Clubs?

There is something super-sexy about sitting across a small table from a beautiful woman as she's dangling a cold glass of pinot grigio in her fingers, on a hot ...

Why Wine Lovers Love Their Corkcicles

Ahh, the corkcicle.  The insanely brilliant invention that is keeping wine lovers happy around the world. What?  You've never heard of a corkcicle? ...

Wine of the Month Club – the Original Wine Club (Preliminary Review) [VIDEO]

https://youtu.be/CXL5szJsdE4 This is a Preliminary Review of the original Wine of the Month Club It's just a quick video, because I just couldn't wait to tell ...

Celebrate Independence Day With American Wine

This weekend, I'll be spending a long weekend with a big group of friends and family on a really nice inland lake here in Michigan. The usual good 'ol clean ...

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  1. Okay, okay. I will *try* a Riesling. (Thanks for the spelling clarification in the post!)

    I didn’t know you tried the Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. They make a really good Cabernet and Merlot. 😉

  2. As a fan of Michigan State University, I found myself unable to cheer for U of M.

    However, Chardonnay???



    I can’t cheer for Chardonnay.

    …but, alas, Tricia – you say it best with the last line of your post: “It doesn’t matter what anyone else likes, it matters what YOU like.”


    Good times….

  3. Thanks for the comment, Dave. Your perspective is appreciated. (You *are* the expert!)

    I did enjoy one of my favorite bottles of Pinot Noir (ever) from a delivery in your wine club. I do love what you’re doing with your wine club!

    Thanks again.


  4. That happened to a friend of mine too. I don’t know how they “determine” you’re already a customer, without matching your email address or full address or something. And since there shouldn’t be a match, I am stumped.

    There should be a phone number on their site to call. After the holiday weekend, I can call them for you if you’d like.

    It’s a good club to get!

  5. Hi Charles –

    The customer service phone number for first leaf wine club is 1-800-461-7203 (available Monday- Friday, 9AM- 8PM EST).

    Have a great day!

  6. Hey Karen – the only suggestion we have at this time is to simply contact the restaurant you’re considering, and ask them directly. Enjoy your shiraz! (BTW – what is your favorite Shiraz? I’m making my own right now!)

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