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Gold Medal Wine Club – Gold Club Review

This "Gold Medal Series" from Gold Medal Wine Club, is their most popular "acclaim-driven" wine of the month club. (It's also the most affordable option, ...

Wine Gifts – Give the gift of wine!

When Eric, Tricia and I started this website (read our story here), we all had one thing in common:  We love wine. As you may suspect by now, we are big ...

Platinum Wine Club by Cellars Wine Club Review (with video)

What is the best "premium wine of the month club"? There are two common elements to this very common question. That is a question I hear a lot. The word ...

Dave the Wine Merchant Review (and video)

A couple of months ago, Eric had published his review of the Pinot Noir Series, by Gold Medal Wine Club. Soon thereafter, I was contacted by a guy named "Dave ...

The “Red Trio Wine Club” from Cellars Wine Club – Review and Video

If you know me at all, you'd know that I'm a big fan of red wine (and I love doing red wine club reviews). My preferences are rich, robust and spicy reds, ...

Gold Medal Wine Club – Diamond Club Review

Now this wine of the month club from Gold Medal Wine Clubs is insanely good. Out of all of the different Wine of the Month Clubs that are available ...

Perfect Last Minute Father’s Day Gift (If Your Dad Loves Wine)

It's Father's Day. You're going to see your Dad in a few minutes. ...and you just realized that you haven't purchased a gift for him. Oh no!  Whatever ...

What’s better than Wine Gift Baskets?

My Awesome Grandmother and me A few years ago, when I ran a company with a lot of customers, consultants and business colleagues spread out all around the ...

What are wine clubs?

Wine Clubs are known as "Wine of the Month" Clubs. Essentially, it is a membership service where members receive a shipment of wine, once a month. Typically, ...

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  1. Okay, okay. I will *try* a Riesling. (Thanks for the spelling clarification in the post!)

    I didn’t know you tried the Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. They make a really good Cabernet and Merlot. 😉

  2. As a fan of Michigan State University, I found myself unable to cheer for U of M.

    However, Chardonnay???



    I can’t cheer for Chardonnay.

    …but, alas, Tricia – you say it best with the last line of your post: “It doesn’t matter what anyone else likes, it matters what YOU like.”


    Good times….

  3. Thanks for the comment, Dave. Your perspective is appreciated. (You *are* the expert!)

    I did enjoy one of my favorite bottles of Pinot Noir (ever) from a delivery in your wine club. I do love what you’re doing with your wine club!

    Thanks again.


  4. That happened to a friend of mine too. I don’t know how they “determine” you’re already a customer, without matching your email address or full address or something. And since there shouldn’t be a match, I am stumped.

    There should be a phone number on their site to call. After the holiday weekend, I can call them for you if you’d like.

    It’s a good club to get!

  5. Hi Charles –

    The customer service phone number for first leaf wine club is 1-800-461-7203 (available Monday- Friday, 9AM- 8PM EST).

    Have a great day!

  6. Hey Karen – the only suggestion we have at this time is to simply contact the restaurant you’re considering, and ask them directly. Enjoy your shiraz! (BTW – what is your favorite Shiraz? I’m making my own right now!)

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