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It’s Father’s Day Wine Time! (Here are some special deals for Dad)

Who's got two thumbs, two kids and loves wine?  This guy!

..and I bet you know a father or two who loves wine, too.  If so, you're in luck, because a couple of our favorite wine clubs have great promotional deals in honor of dad this year!

1.  Plonk Wine ClubPlonk-Wine-Club_Logo

I love Plonk Wine Club.  Why?  Because I love learning about wine, I love tasting delicious new wines, and I love what Etty Lewensztain (owner, sommelier and chef) delivers each month!  As they say:  “Take a Wine Tasting Adventure”.  Oh yeah – and with each wine you receive, Etty has created a short descriptive video to help teach you more about the wine, its region and what flavors you should expect and what to look for when drinking.  She really does a great job and her wine club is the bomb.

Another reason I love Plonk is because Etty reached out to me to ensure you (our beloved reader) knows about this deal!  Here's what she wrote:

I'd like to offer your readers a free bottle of wine in their first shipment when they purchase a Plonk Wine Club membership as a Father's Day gift. That means if they purchase a 2 bottle club, dad will receive 3 bottles in his first shipment, and if they purchase a 4 bottle club, dad will receive 5 bottles in his first shipment. The code they can use at checkout on my site to redeem the special offer is FATHER and they should enter this code in the box on the wine club signup form that says “Who Referred You?”

So that's the deal.  Dad gets a free bottle of amazing wine in the first shipment.  (And they offer FREE SHIPPING, too!)

I highly recommend this club for the great wine and great value.  It's not “cheap”;  It's awesome.  Dad will love this club.

Please let me know what you think!

WCG - Plonk Wine Clubs Top 5 Benefits 600w


2. Gold Medal Wine ClubWCG - Gold Medal Wine Club Logo 300w

This is another favorite wine club of mine, but for different reasons than Plonk.  With Gold Medal Wine Club, their wine is great — and their packaging is really top notch.  With the wines you receive each month, you get a full color, high-production value mini-magazine / newsletter.  (They consider this their “tasting notes”, but I have yet to see tasting notes that look this great.)  And with your first shipment, the wine comes gift wrapped, in a designer box and with a nice gift card.

The deal with this wine club is that you get a “FREE GIFT” with the order.  What is the free gift you ask?  Well, that depends on what you order.  The more you spend, the better the gift.  (The basic gift is a professional stainless steel corkscrew, while the bigger gifts include the corkscrew plus a tote and a wine aerator.)

WCG - GMWC Bonuses


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