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Giving a Gift Basket or Just the Wine? Either way, Here’s 20% off!

Receiving wine as a gift is awesome, in any packaging.

It's no secret that I am personally a fan of “just the wine” when sending wine.  I don't find enough value in all the fluff, filler and extra costs to send a pretty gift basket with wine.   But that's just me.

…and sometimes, it actually is nicer to send a full on gift basket. <gasp!  Did he just say that?>

Yes, my friends, I concede:  A Gift Basket with wine is a very nice gift to send and receive.

Our partners at Gift Tree have some amazing options for all occasions, for any recipient and tons of themes.  If you have a gift to send that includes wine and you want it to look pretty and have the “wow factor”, then you can't go wrong with one of the Wine Gift Baskets from Gift Tree.

Click here to go to Gift Tree, then use this coupon code to get 20% off of Wine Gift Baskets from Gift Tree:  AFF122  (NOTE:  This coupon is only good this month – so don't be late!)

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What if you want to focus on the WINE ONLY and send the best wine club as a gift?

We have a Top Gifts Wine Club page that highlights them.

I have two personal favorites to highlight for you here, though.

1)  Plonk Wine Club

This is just a super cool, fun and unique club.  I really love this wine club!  If you have a wine lover who's looking for education and a personal connection with the wine club owner, Etty Lewensztain, this is the club for you.

Think of her as your personal wine expert, your friend in the field who also happens to be a trained sommelier and a trained chef — so she knows how to select delicious wines and pair them with unique dishes you can make at home.  Another key thing I love about her wine club is that she really takes you off the beaten path, to unusual and unique destinations from where you otherwise wouldn't have considered to try wine.  This is a “wine tasting and education adventure” and this wine club is highly recommended.

2) Gold Medal Wine Club

This is by far, my favorite wine club when comparing to wine gift baskets.  Why?  Because their presentation is unmatched.  Sure, you just get the wine and no fluff or filler — but what you get in the initial delivery and subsequent deliveries is rather impressive.

They say that they're all about first impressions at Gold Medal Wine Club — and they really deliver!  The initial package is shipped in a high end artistic box and may come with additional gifts, depending on the package you select.  Their tasting notes are more like a magazine than “tasting notes”; the production value of the literature included with each delivery is top notch.  (And, the wine is delicious, too.)

3) Wine of the Month Club  (The Original)

I know I said I had two alternatives to gift baskets, but I couldn't stop thinking about the original Wine of the Month Club.  I have to be sure you know about this one, too!  (Consider this a bonus suggestion!)

Similar to the Gold Medal Wine Club in their delivery packaging, the original Wine of the Month Club sends their first shipment in a really high-end box.  It makes a very smart first impression and is really classy looking.  (Check out my videos of their wine clubs if you need further convincing.)

Did you notice I wrote “The Original” Wine of the Month Club?  That was no typo.  They were the first Wine of the Month Club to ever exist.  They literally, are, “The Original Wine of the Month Club”.  They focus on customer service and ensuring you're happy with your membership.

So there you have it folks, three amazing alternatives to wine gift baskets if you want to focus on the wine, yet still want to make an amazing impression.  And, if you go down the road of buying wine gift baskets, then you have a great 20% off coupon from the super-popular GiftTree.com!

Happy Holidays!



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