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Wine Clubs That Ship To Minnesota

Minnesota permits direct shipping from wineries to consumers, allowing no more than 2 cases of wine (9 liters per case) per year. Retailer shipping is strictly prohibited. Let the wine clubs do the research and figure out the shipping rules for you! There are a number of quality wine of the month clubs that ship to Minnesota. We have researched each club we review and below you will find a list of those clubs and our ratings for each.

Minnesota's wine making history spans over 150 years. The states wine industry today is strong, especially due to the University of Michigan's development of cold-hardy wine grapes (Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, La Crescent and Marquette), and for having one of the top wine grape programs in the United States.

Minnesota boasts over 30 wineries and 600 vineyards, the first of which opened in 1978. To explore these amazing wineries and vineyards you can travel 6 different wine trails that the state has to offer. These include The Three Rivers Wine Trail, Upper St. Croix Wine Trail, Heartland Wine Trail, Great River Road Wine Trail, Lake Pepin Wine Trail and the Minnesota Rive Wine, Beer and History Wine Trail. There is truly something for every wine lover to enjoy. Below is a list of some of the top wineries you can experience.

* Cannon River Winery
* WineHaven Winery and Vineyard
* Carlos Creek Winery
* Woodland Hill Winery
* Falconer Vineyards
* St. Croix Vineyards

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