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Wine Clubs That Ship To Louisiana

Louisiana may not be known for its wine, but that doesn't mean that you can't get a great wine club shipped there. Alcohol shipping regulations vary from state to state, but we have researched and reviewed the sites below that do ship wine clubs to Louisiana. Whether you are looking for a club for yourself or one to send a gift, you can find some great options here.

Currently, Louisiana prohibits direct-to-consumer alcohol shipments of products readily available through instate distributors. Residents of Louisiana may only receive shipments of wine from wineries that have no preexisting relationships with distributors throughout the state. To save you the trouble of wading through these complicated regulations, we have already researched and reviewed numerous wine clubs that are more than happy to ship to this state. Here are our top wine clubs that ship to Louisiana:

Even though much of Louisiana’s historical and cultural heritage is closely linked to France, a country with a significant wine growing tradition, the state’s hot and humid climate has proved brutal to both French hybrid and vinifera varietals. The French and Spanish immigrants that moved to this area were actually much more interested in importing genuine products from their homeland rather than establishing a new winemaking tradition in the New World. Consequently, the Mississippi River became the epicenter of European wine imports. Despite this strong interest in foreign wines, there was at least one local winery that won awards at the World Industrial Exposition in New Orleans in 1895. Unfortunately, the onset of the Prohibition effectively stifled any growing interest in winemaking

The 21st century outlook for Louisiana winemakers is hopeful. With efforts to renew the state’s wine industry, research is currently underway to develop a hybrid that will be a better match for Louisiana’s sultry climate. All environmental challenges aside, the state currently has four licensed commercial wineries that grow Norton and Blanc du Bois varieties with success, producing nearly 20,000 gallons of wine each year. Typical of regions where it is challenging to grow grapes, Louisiana winemakers also produce wines from other fruits such as blueberries and strawberries. The northeastern region of the state is included within the Mississippi Delta American Viticultural Area, a designated winegrowing region established in 1984 that encompasses portions of Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Louisiana Wineries:

 Louisiana Wine Festivals:

The Deep South Antique and Wine Trail: A trail that will appeal to both antique lovers and wine connoisseurs alike, this bi-state adventure covers over 200 miles between Louisiana and Mississippi. Highlighting over 100 antique vendors, this trail will take you away from the interstate for an authentic Deep South experience where you will discover artifacts of the past while tasting local wines of the present.


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