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Investing in Wineries with Naked Wines

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]NakedWines.com[/custom_frame_left]Being involved with a wine club is a great experience: each month (or every-other month, whatever the club's shipping schedule is) the recipient receives a shipment of new wines, tailored to their taste. A Pinot Noir lover can receive new Pinots, or Chardonnays if you prefer, or even Sparkling Wines. For someone looking to drink good wine without having to worry about ordering, it's an ideal solution.

But what if you want more? What if you want great wines? And what if you want to know you helped a winemaker produce the batch?

If you have tens of thousands of dollars laying around, you can invest in a winery and steer the winemaker in a certain direction. I don't have tens of thousands of dollars laying around, but I do have $40.

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding has become very popular lately, with services such as Kickstarter helping start-ups raise funds to get their project off the ground. Unfortunately for winemakers, alcohol cannot be given as a reward on Kickstarter.

Introducing NakedWines.com

NakedWines.com allows individuals to signup as Angels. An Angel invests $40 per month, and that money goes towards winemakers who choose which wine to make.

Winemakers don't have to worry about funding, marketing or sales. Zero risk and more time to concentrate on making great wine tend to be pretty convincing arguments.

What this means is freedom for winemakers to do what they do best: make great wine.

As an Angel, your $40 / month is invested in individual winemakers. You don't have to (nor do you get to) decide which winemaker gets your money.

Although a winemaker gets your money to produce their great wine, it's always available for you to use to shop or withdraw at any time. If you use your investments to buy wine, you can expect to save between 40-60% off list price. You can choose any of the available wines from all of the winemakers – not just the ones your investment monies went to.

Ready to start investing in winemakers?

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]NakedWines.com Highest Rated Case[/custom_frame_right]When you deposit your first $40, we'll throw in an extra $100, pushing your account to $140. Remember: that's your $140 to be used to buy great wines at 40-60% off!

How about getting a case of NakedWines.com highest rated wines for just $186.99 $111.99? With your $40 investment, and our $100 match, you'll still have $28.01 left in your account (oh yeah, did I mention shipping is free for orders over $100?).

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