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Finding a Champagne of the Month Club

Champagne of the Month ClubWine clubs are great but if you prefer Champagne, is it possible to buy a “champagne of the month” club?

The short answer is “yes,” but I never give you a short answer. First you need a little background information. Then you need to decide how quickly you need it if it is for a gift.

Champagne Versus Sparkling Wine

If you are a fan of Champagne, you are likely actually a fan of sparkling wine as well. The reason is that Champagne is merely a type of sparkling wine that is produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France.  The rules are a little confusing and vary by country but suffice to say that most of you are drinking sparkling wine when you say you are drinking Champagne.

Champagne of the Month Club

Champagne or Sparkling Wine Clubs

Looking specifically for a gift of the month club? Assuming that you have been enjoying mainly sparkling wines and not just champagne, you will love a sparkling champagne club. One of the newest we have found is the Vinesse Sparkling Club. Choose 3, 6, or 12 bottles and have them delivered either 2 times a year of 5 times a year. Wines range from $24 to $29 a bottle, a really nice range for good sparkling wine or champagne. Wines come with Tasting Notes to help you enjoy them more.

Champagne as a Gift

When might you gift Champagne?  Weddings would be an obvious choice but also consider anniversaries, college graduations, and even business gifts where you want to send something really special. With gifts starting at $40, you can choose to spend as much or as little as you want.

If you are giving a gift, the Vinesse Sparkling Club is particularly nice because you can order a set number of months and do not have to remember to cancel. Plus, they ship to most states, which is often one of the hardest parts about picking a wine club to send as a gift. However, there is no option of sending it last minute, like some of you are probably looking for.

If you need a last-minute wine club gift, I would suggest The California Wine Club because you can order the gift and then print or email the certificate. Even if you need a gift TODAY, you can get the card sent and they will expect their wine shipment to be delivered in the next month. They do not currently have champagne, but they do have amazing quality wines that come in a variety of price ranges.

Champagne Gift from Gift Tree

Champagne GiftIf you are looking specifically for Champagne for a gift but not necessarily a club, GiftTree has a terrific selection of Champagne Gifts. Depending on how much you want to spend and whether you want to send just the Champagne or other things with it, you can spend anywhere from $39 to $790 and find the perfect gift for your recipient.

If you want to send only Champagne, they will send a bottle of Argyle Brut Sparkling Wine or Dom Perignon Champagne in a regular box or signature gift box. If you would like accessories, you can get Champagne paired with flutes. If you would like it paired with other gourmet treats, you can get it with anything from Godiva chocolates to caviar to fondue.

I've received both wine and gift baskets from GiftTree before and have always been happy. I've even sent them to my mom!

So is it possible to order a Champagne of the month club? You can definitely order a champagne of the month club, but you might be better off just ordering a Champagne Gift or a regular wine of the month club for flexibility.

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    • Unfortunately, all of them that I have seen (even the ones that call themselves “Champagne Clubs”) say in the fine print that they are both Sparkling and Champagne. Of the clubs that I have had delivered personally, they have pretty much all ended up being Sparkling. I don’t think I have seen an actual bottle of Champagne in them yet.

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