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New California “Simply Red” Wine Club – Budget Stretcher for Red Wine Lovers.

I just learned of a new wine club that is perfect for lovers of Red Wine, like me.  Better still, all the red wine in this club is from California. ...

Christmas Delivery Deadlines for Wine

So, you've decided to send the the wine lover in your life the gift they'll love the most (wine!) and you've already ordered your wine. ...Right? Of course ...

Special Deal on a Holiday Wine Assortment.  (Must act quickly)

Holiday Delight: The perfect 6 pack of wine Going to grandma's house for Christmas? Bring the wine. Having a party? Provide the wine. Want to enjoy the ...

Pairing Wine with Holiday Meals

When you're entertaining family and friends for the holidays, you may clean the house to pretend that "this is how I live all year". You also may contemplate ...

You can donate $5 for the Troops, without spending a penny

I just read about a new partnership between Operation Gratitude  (a nonprofit organization that sends care packages to active duty troops throughout ...

Free Bottle Bonus!  (Limited Time Deal From Plonk – A Favorite Wine Club.)

We just got word from Etty Lewenzstain (the Founder, Owner and Chief Wine Sommelier of Plonk Wine Club) that she's running a special deal on any wine club ...

Special Deal:  Starting at $5 a bottle!  (You’ve been notified.)

We just learned about this deal and wanted to pass along the info to you right away so you can take advantage and stock up! (Remember, holidays are coming, so ...

Gold Medal Wine Club Now Uses Eco-Friendly Packaging

Each month, I get a shipment of the "Gold Series Wine Club".  It is the least-expensive (and most popular) wine club offering from Gold Medal Wine Club ...

Know More About Your Wine (Video)

Last night, I was thumbing through channels on my TV when I stumbled across a TV Show on ABC called "The List".  (It's basically a pop culture show.) ...

Gold Medal Wine Club’s “Gold Series” Delivery Unboxing:  June 2015

Last month, I received another great shipment of wine from Gold Medal Wine Club's Gold Series.  And as usual, I was impressed. Each month, I get a ...

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  1. Okay, okay. I will *try* a Riesling. (Thanks for the spelling clarification in the post!)

    I didn’t know you tried the Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. They make a really good Cabernet and Merlot. 😉

  2. As a fan of Michigan State University, I found myself unable to cheer for U of M.

    However, Chardonnay???



    I can’t cheer for Chardonnay.

    …but, alas, Tricia – you say it best with the last line of your post: “It doesn’t matter what anyone else likes, it matters what YOU like.”


    Good times….

  3. Thanks for the comment, Dave. Your perspective is appreciated. (You *are* the expert!)

    I did enjoy one of my favorite bottles of Pinot Noir (ever) from a delivery in your wine club. I do love what you’re doing with your wine club!

    Thanks again.


  4. That happened to a friend of mine too. I don’t know how they “determine” you’re already a customer, without matching your email address or full address or something. And since there shouldn’t be a match, I am stumped.

    There should be a phone number on their site to call. After the holiday weekend, I can call them for you if you’d like.

    It’s a good club to get!

  5. Hi Charles –

    The customer service phone number for first leaf wine club is 1-800-461-7203 (available Monday- Friday, 9AM- 8PM EST).

    Have a great day!

  6. Hey Karen – the only suggestion we have at this time is to simply contact the restaurant you’re considering, and ask them directly. Enjoy your shiraz! (BTW – what is your favorite Shiraz? I’m making my own right now!)

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