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Special Deal: Starting at $5 a bottle! (You’ve been notified.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.02.33 PMWe just learned about this deal and wanted to pass along the info to you right away so you can take advantage and stock up!

(Remember, holidays are coming, so I highly suggest you buy as many bottles of wine that you can now, while you can get these really low prices!)

What's the deal?

Well, it comes from one of our absolutely favorite Wine Clubs — The Original Wine of the Month Club!  (We gave them a highly-rated review.)

The “theme” of this deal is two-fold:

  1.  It highlights the 5 Varietals of Bordeaux, France but grown elsewhere, like: California, Argentina, Chile, Spain and more.
  2. The prices are ridiculously low.  (You can barely get “decent” wine for $5 at your local store.  Yet, with this deal, you can get wines that are very good for $5 – $11!.)

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In the video above, you see Paul Kalemkiarian discussing this deal.  As you can see, he is passionate about wine and knows his stuff!  He tastes a few hundred wines every month, just to find the best wines for his customers of the Original Wine of the Month Club.  (Take a look at our review of his club.)

As Paul says, this deal highlights the five varietals of Bordeaux, but grown elsewhere.  These wines were found in recent deliveries from the Original Wine of The Month Club.

  • They're offering select wines from their Classic Series for under $5.  (The Classic Series is their most popular wine club at $21.95, plus shipping.  Check out our review of the Classic Series.)
  • They're also offering select wines from their Vintners Series for under $8.  (The Vintner's Series is their mid-price club and provides exceptional value for just $10 more per month, at $31.95, plus shipping.  Check out our review of the Vintner's Series.)
  • And finally, they're offering select wines from their Limited Series for under $11.  (Their Limited Series is their higher-end club that delivers really great wines for $10 more than the Vintner's Series, at $41.95, plus shipping.  Check out our review of the Limited Series.)

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.03.29 PM



Click here to get the deal and learn more!

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