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Christmas Delivery Deadlines for Wine

So, you've decided to send the the wine lover in your life the gift they'll love the most (wine!) and you've already ordered your wine.


Of course not.  So many gifts are purchased at the last minute and wine gifts are no exception.

But procrastinators – You're in luck!  (Especially when you're sending wine via a wine club.)

Why?  Because when you send wine through a wine club, you can simply give them a card that tells them about your gift, and the wine can begin delivery in January.

However, if you're a stickler for having the actual gift under the tree in time for Christmas, then the deadline for ordering is almost over.  (In fact, no clubs can deliver wine before Christmas without Expedited Delivery at this point.)

Order your favoriate wine club and get ready to deliver some delicious wine.

The cut off dates and details for a few of the most popular wine clubs are below.



MonthlyClubs.com offer a number of very popular, reasonably-priced wine of the month clubs (including their super-popular “Premier Series” which is only $34 a month, plus shipping).  One cool difference about this company, though, is that you aren't only limited to wine in your gift-giving options, as they also offer Beer of the Month, Flowers of the Month, Coffee of the Month, Chocolate of the Month, Cigar of the Month, and Cheese of the Month.

I asked MonthlyClubs.com about their shipping deadlines for Christmas, and got some helpful information that I'll share with you here:

“We begin processing orders early in the month, and continue all the way through our December order cut-off of the 20th. Shipments will get sent in batches at different times. With beer and wine, we always tell people that shipments arrive the 3rd or 4th week of each month, but because of variance in the ways and times that shipments are sent to different states, it’s pretty much impossible to definitively and concisely say when packages will arrive.

Rather than promoting Christmas delivery , we feel that The Gift Announcement is the key to handling the need for something in-hand by Christmas. 

Customers can send an email gift announcement any time. When ordering, they can schedule the delivery date for the announcement, including the current day (or they can save/print a PDF version). 

So people can order on Christmas day and have an announcement delivered immediately. Customers can also send an announcement anytime using the standalone gift announcement feature, which can be accessed via the button in our website footers.”  (See our full review of MonthlyClubs.com or GO TO MONTHLYCLUBS.COM by clicking here.)


The California Wine Club

WCG - CAWine Club logo

The California Wine Club is also our favorite wine club, and when I asked them about their shipping deadlines, I was pleasantly surprised that they can somehow accommodate last-minute orders with overnight shipping as late as December 22nd.  Their Premiere Series is the most popular low-cost wine club and is also highly recommended.  Check out their deadlines and full response below:

“December 15 at midnight Pacific time is the ground shipping deadline

December 22 at midnight Pacific time is the last day to order with overnight delivery service selected for delivery prior to Christmas

Gift Cards are available during check out. The Gift Giver can print a gift card or send an E-Card. My favorite “no-stress” suggestion for the holidays is this:

1) Place a gift order with a January Delivery

2) After check out PRINT a gift card

3) Write a sweet, personal note on the gift card, letting your recipient know the wine will come in January.

4) Tuck the card it into a stocking, a card or wrap it with the latest issue of Wine Spectator.

5) Present the recipient with your lovely gift (or mail it) “

It's never too late to order wine though!  You can order at any time and either print a gift card or email a gift card so your lucky gift recipient will know about your delicious gift.  The wine can simply begin delivery with the January shipments.  (See our full review of The California Wine Club or GO TO CAWINECLUB.COM by clicking here.)


Gold Medal Wine Club

When you order a wine club as a gift from Gold Medal Wine Club, you're certain to deliver delicious wine in gorgeous packaging at a great value.  Since the price of shipping isn't included with the price, you'll need to take that into account.  However, since the wine is coming from the warehouse in Santa Barbara, California, the price and speed of delivery is based upon the final destination.

When I asked the folks at Gold Medal Wine Club for their Christmas Shipping Deadlines, their response was:

“It depends somewhat on what is ordered and where it is going.  However, most orders that are placed no later than 12/17 should be able to make a Christmas delivery.  If they want to pay for expedited shipping then 12/21 should also work.  We have a selection of FREE online holiday greeting cards that can be downloaded as a printable PDF or sent along within an email”

(Read our full review of Gold Medal Wine Club or Go to Gold Medal Wine Club by clicking here.)

And just like with most other wine club companies, you can order wine at any time and have the deliveries simply begin with any future month's delivery.


Plonk Wine Club


When I asked Etty Lewenzstain of Plonk Wine Club, she also focused on deliveries beginning in January.  Here is what she had to say about holiday shipping:

“All orders received on December 1st or thereafter will be included in our January shipment, which is going out the first week in January. Yes, all customers may call or email us to request a custom gift letter for their gift that we email to them in PDF format which serves as a gift announcement. The gift giver can either print out the gift letter and present it in a card to their recipient or they can email to their recipient as well. Mention of this gift letter is included in all order receipts and at checkout.” 

(See our full review of Plonk Wine Club or GO TO Plonk Wine Club by clicking here.)

Can you get wine delivered to your state?  

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