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Special Deal on a Holiday Wine Assortment. (Must act quickly)

WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler Pack Featured Image

Holiday Delight: The perfect 6 pack of wine

  • Going to grandma's house for Christmas? Bring the wine.
  • Having a party? Provide the wine.
  • Want to enjoy the holidays? Drink the wine!

We just worked out a killer deal on a some great wine for the holiday.  (In fact, I received my shipment today and have plenty of photos to show it off here.)

In summary, it's a “Hand Picked 6 Bottle Package” — where each wine was selected for its flavor, rating score and its pairing with holiday dishes or events. (And the price? It's only $120 for six bottles of wine that should cost way more!)WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler Pack with SantaThree reasons why I love this six pack.

First:  It's awesome wine.

Second:  You can be “the wine guy”.

If you're going to attend a gathering this holiday season, why not be the “wine person”? You can be the one known as the one “who brought all that great wine” this year!

So bring a six pack of crazy-good wine. No, don't just show up with just a bottle of wine for yourself. Bring wine that will cater to the tastes of all the guests and a selection that will pair with the meal and entire evening!

Third:  It's a one time purchase.

Although this wine pack is provided by a company that is known for its excellent Wine of the Month Clubs (Vinesse), this product is actually a ONE TIME PURCHASE. (No club membership required. No recurring costs.)

WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler Pack in Package

Bring a box of wine!

No, not one of those boxes you find at CVS. That's just gross. (I know first hand. I'm ashamed to admit that I've done it myself, years ago.) Yes, this box of wine is just a bit better than that box of White Grenache you can get for $20. This one is a box that holds SIX BOTTLES of premium wine. Every bottle is an award winner, and each wine was hand selected for the holidays.

In your Six Pack of Kick Ass Wine, you'll find a perfect assortment of flavors that will please every palette, tempt every guest and provide you with a wine to pair with every course of your holiday meals.

WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler with Tasting Cards

These are the 6 bottles of wines you'll receive (and love).

    You will never go wrong starting a holiday feast or get-together with this exceptional bottle of Italian bubbles!
    Juicy, almost sweet, and utterly delicious, Dan Martin's Central Coast Pinot Noir is the perfect accompaniment to the traditional turkey or ham
    California's Monterey County is unrivaled as a stupendous place for growing superb wine grapes — especially Chardonnay.
    Ah… the good life! That's the meaning of “Bon Vie”, and when it comes to this bottle, you'll savor every drop.
    Ichanka translates as “water of the condor” (“I” = water).
    If your holiday menu features beef, especially grilled steaks, this is an exceptional bottle to uncork.

You can get more details on each of the wines by clicking this link.  Also, when you receive your shipment, each wine has its own tasting card, where you'll find detailed tasting notes about the wine, foods to pair with it, and the date you should before which you should drink it.

WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler Pack Tasting Cards

It's not just for parties.

If you want to have a great selection of wine for your own wine cellar, then this is a great six pack.

Imagine this:

You and your husband are wrapping gifts one night while listening to Christmas music. Break out the bottle of Chardonnay. (Okay, we all know it's going to be just YOU wrapping gifts while your husband watches sports center.)

Your neighbors stop by during the Christmas break and the kids go off to hang out watching Youtube or playing video games, and you can impress them with their choice of a deep Petite Syrah or a light Pinot Noir.

At Christmas Dinner, you propose a toast with your delicious sparkling Prosecco.

On New Year's Eve, as your guests arrive you offer them a glass of savory Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec.  (But come on – we all know there won't be any wine from this six pack left to serve on New Years.  It'll all be gone by then.  Perhaps you should order two of these 6 packs?)

Personally, I can't wait to dive into the Petite Syrah and the Cabernet.

WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler - Reds 1

WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler - Reds 2

WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler - Whites

Get the wine delivered by Christmas.

If you want your order to be received before Christmas, you need to act right away.  (Orders must be received by December 11th to guarantee delivery by Christmas.)

Want to customize the selection because you hate white wine?  You can eliminate the white wine selection by choosing “all red wine” as part of your options.  Same goes for eliminating the red wine (but who the heck would ever do that?)

Honestly, I suggest you simply take the sampler as it was designed.  (Even though I am not a huge white wine fan, the white wine selections within this package are crowd pleasers.)

So, hurry up and go to Vinesse and order up yourself a 6 pack of awesome wine.  

Tell 'em the Wine Club Group sent ya!

WCG - Vinesse Holiday Sampler - box of wine as delivered

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