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TastingRoom.com – The Customized Wine Club

The most important thing for wine lovers, and wine buyers, is that we order wine that we enjoy, right?

When we order wine through a wine club, we are inherently placing trust in the club to select wines we're going to like, right?

[custom_frame_center shadow=”on”]TastingRoom's Customized Wine Profile Process[/custom_frame_center] Sometimes wine clubs are very successful at selecting great wines for us.  But, sometimes they don't.  Moreover, everyone has different tastes and preferences — so why should your wine delivery be the same as mine?

Introducing the “Customized Wine Club” from TastingRoom.com

Okay, they don't really call it the “Customized Wine Club”, but I do.

Why?  Because they send wine that they hand pick just for you, based on your tastes and preferences.


They call it “custom curation” of wine and your case of wine will be customized based on your “wine profile”.

Creating your own wine profile.

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]TastingRoom's Wine Tasting Kit[/custom_frame_right] One of the unique aspects of Tasting Room's wine club, is your personalized “wine profile”.  As you taste the wines in each shipment, your “wine profile” becomes more complete and refined.

But it all starts with a tasting kit.  (That's another unique aspect about this club.)

For $9.95 (shipping included), you get their tasting kit delivered to your door.  In this kit, you'll find 6 sample sized tastes of various wines.  You log in to your account with TastingRoom and follow the steps to rate the wines you're tasting from the tasting kit.

The result?  You've created your personalized wine profile!

Armed with this information, the tasting room curators can then hand pick the wines that fit your wine palette.

Roughly thirty days after you've received your tasting kit, you'll get a customized case of wine delivered.  This initial case of wine is only $85 (including shipping).   It's about half off their normal price.  About $7 a bottle of wines that were hand selected for you?  I'd call that a pretty awesome deal worth trying.


Continued refinement.

With each shipment of wine, you can enhance your wine profile.

Therefore, your wine profile will become more comprehensive and more complete with each delivery.  I love this idea, because it implies that each wine delivery will simply get better and better!

The normal price of each case of wine is about $150 and shipping is extra.  They deliver the wines every 3 months and you're notified way in advance when your case is beginning to get curated.

What's your taste?

I'm massively partial to deep, robust, dry red wines.  I'm ordering my wine tasting kit now and will take some pics and video of the process.

When you order yours, what do you think your tastes will reveal about your wine profile?


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