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Windsor Vineyards – Wines, Tasting Notes and More

In a recent wine club review we did, I reviewed Windsor Vineyards and told you about their two wine clubs:  The Collector and The Enthusiast.

(Read my blog post where I discuss my review of Windsor Vineards here.)

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Windsor Vineyards logo[/custom_frame_left] In this blog post and video, I mentioned that I received their wine in the shipment of The Collector and I disclosed that I actually tasted the Pinot Noir and the Petite Syrah.

I thought I'd do a little followup here.

Since the initial review and videos, I have now tasted all four different wines.

Windsor Vineyards 2009 Petite Syrah, Napa Valley, Platinum Series.

I don't know enough about Petite Syrah.  I know that I generally enjoy Shiraz / Syrah and had hoped I would like the Petite Syrah from Windsor Vineyards.

I have a one word response:  DAMN!

Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am so glad that there were three bottles of each wine in the delivery, because I was able to enjoy the it a second time already; thus, I confirmed my love for this wine.  It's delicious.  (Now, I must determine when I'll open the third and final bottle!)

As a result of my enjoyment of this Petite Syrah, I expect to purchase some more of this specific wine.  With all the wines that we receive to review, I have never felt the need or desire to re-order any specific wine, until now.  Yes, I find it that good.

NOTE: Eric had a wildly different reaction than I did to the Petite Syrah. It's simply because his palette isn't yet as refined as mine.  (Kidding – people are allowed to have different tastes, right?  That's why there are so many different types of wine!)

Windsor Vineyards 2010 Pinot Noir, Sonoma County, Private Reserve

The Pinot Noir from Windsor Vineyards was also delicious.

Until I had tasted the yummy Banshee Pinot Noir from Dave the Wine Merchant (see video with Eric & I), I didn't consider myself to be a big fan of Pinot Noir.

However, the Pinot Noir in this delivery from Windsor was outstanding.  I have one of the three bottles in this delivery left, and don't want to lose it!

2011 Savignon Blanc and 2011 Viognier

I don't like white wines very often, and although these were well-balanced and obviously high-quality wines, I simply don't like them.

It's not the fault of Windsor Vineyards.  I simply don't like white wines.

I find them too sweet or light or just plain “blah”.  (Yes, that's a technical term)

The Savignon Blanc was pretty good and despite my distaste for white wine in general, I still drank it.  (Once at a tasting in Napa I found myself loving a Savignon Blanc, but I haven't found one since.)

The Viognier was a perfect example of the opposite of my taste in wine.  I don't like Viognier, nor do I like Riesling or most Chardonnay's.

I scanned in the tasting notes, wine information and pricing of these 4 wines for your reference.

So, if you have similar tastes in wine as I do, you would be very pleased with a purchase of the Pinot Noir and the delicious Petite Syrah.Windsor Vineyards - The Collector Tasting Notes

 Check out Windsor Vineyards Wine Clubs for yourself.  What's your favorite?

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