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A Perfect Fathers Day Gift For Your Wine-Loving Dad

Give him the Gift of Wine, delivered to his door.

Does your Dad Love Wine? I know I do! (hint, hint)

Now that Mother's day is in our rear view and we've properly celebrated Mom, that means Father's day is just around the corner.  It's time to start thinking about dear old dad.

We're always looking for a great gift for mom on mother's day. But what about Dad?

Do you want to do the same old “Here's a nice tie, Dad.  Happy Father's Day”, routine again?  Or, would you rather do something really nice for him?

Give your dad something better than the normal father's day gift:  give him a unique gift, and one he'll enjoy.

If he loves wine like me, then I have a great gift suggestion:  Give him home-delivery of wine, in 3 shipments – one per month, for three months.

Simplify the wine-buying process.

If you've decided that you're going to buy your dad some great wine for fathers day, you can always go to your local wine store and shop for specific bottles.

Shopping for the perfect bottle of wine for your dad on fathers day takes time and more importantly: you put a lot of pressure on yourself for selecting just the right bottles of wine.

Don't worry about the wine. That's what the wine club does.

You just select his favorite wine varietal.

  1. Does he like red wine or white wine? Does he like both?
  2. Would he prefer wine from California's Napa or Sonoma Valleys, or would he rather get wine from France, Italy, South Africa and other internationally renowned wine countries?

Those are the key decisions you need to make. Leave the selection of the specific bottles of wine to the wine club!

Gifts of Wine for Dad can be a great value.

There are delicious wines available at a great price. For about $100 you can choose a 3 month shipment of 2 bottles per month for 3 months, with CA Wine Club's “Premiere Series” Wine Club.  Watch and read our full review of the CA Wine Club, or check out our review of their Premiere Series Wine Club.

Is your dad a bit of a wine connoisseur? If so, you may also want to choose a higher price point and gift a few months of ultra-high-end Aged Cabernet Wine.

Whatever you choose, you know that your dad will appreciate the gift of wine, delivered to his door — month after month.

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The California Wine Club – Premier Club Review

The California Wine Club – Premier Club Review

We reviewed this club many times over, and have enjoyed every delivery.  In this review post, we'll share our unboxing videos, photos of the shipments we've received as well as our thoughts on sending this as a gift - and tons more. If you're looking for a quick summary review, here it is:  We love this club and the company behind it. This "Premier Club" is an excellent choice ...

Most Popular Wine Club

The Premier Series from The California Wine Club always impresses both as a gift and a personal wine club membership. Wines are hand-selected from artisinal wineries.

  • Super popular
  • Excellent wine
  • Value priced
  • Nice "extras" in the membership
Best seller
2 International Wine of the Month Club – Premier Series Review

International Wine of the Month Club – Premier Series Review

The Premier Series from The International Wine of the Month Club (MonthlyClubs.com) is perfect for the wine drinkers who enjoy wines from around the world at unbeatable prices. This is one of our favorites!

Multiple options to customize the club plus availability of ecards make it a great gift option. Wines chosen from around the world plus a newsletter that includes tasting notes, recipes, suggested pairings, and more.

  • Available in 2-12 month terms or ongoing
  • Mix and match with other clubs including cheese, beer, chocolate, cigars, and flowers
  • Email or print a gift announcement
  • All Red, All White, and Mixed Packs Available
3 Gold Medal Wine Club – Gold Club Review

Gold Medal Wine Club – Gold Club Review

This "Gold Medal Series" from Gold Medal Wine Club, is their most popular "acclaim-driven" wine of the month club. (It's also the most affordable option, within their wide variety of club choices.)

Only Award Winners

We really love this wine club from Gold Medal Wine Clubs. Of all their "accolade-driven" wine club choices, this is their MOST POPULAR for its accessibility, its price and the amazing material that comes with the delicious wines!

  • Red, White, and Mixed Packs Available
  • Monthly Shipments
  • Upgrade from 2 to 4 Bottles
  • Includes Newsletter Featuring Wineries

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