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Buying Wine Online: Current Deals

Now that we're all stuck inside, with so much extra time on our hands, it's understandable that many Americans find themselves drinking a bit more than in the past.

My friends and me doing a virtual “cheers”!

Many of us have discovered “zoom happy hours” as a way to stay connected with friends and family.  Having fun conversation and a glass of wine with our loved ones, via facetime or zoom, is increasingly popular.

And, if you're anything like my parents who are quarantined by themselves (and getting on each other's last nerve!), a glass of wine in the evening has become a critical relationship tool.  (Read: “If my mom gets a glass of wine, she can put up with my dad.  No wine?  Watch out, Dad!”)

Since my mom doesn't want to go out to buy wine, she prefers to buy wine online and have it delivered.  Mind you, she's not looking for a subscription or a membership to a wine of the month club to join. Rather, she's seeking some good wine at a reasonable price that can be delivered safely to her front porch.

Here in Michigan, my favorite local wine stores are closed.  That means our only choices for wine are those provided at the local Kroger or the liquor stores that sell wine.

The solution:  Buy Wine Online for Home Delivery

There are a number of great offers online to help you stock up, or simply save you the trip to the wine shop or grocery store.  With these companies, you can place a one time order of wine, oftentimes by the case, to have wine delivered safely to your home.

We'll keep this updated as new deals and offers come in.

Buy wine online with these deals and offers from high quality vendors

This is an example sampler pack that I received from Vinesse during the holidays. They have tons of sampler packs to satisfy any flavor preference at different price points.

Vinesse is known for their popular, flexible wine of the month club deliveries.  They also have a great wine store!  This is a great source for consumers to place one time orders of wine, from their extensive, curated wine inventory.  You can order as many, or as few bottles of wine as you'd like.  They do, however, offer great deals on “samplers” of 6 or 12 bottles of wine that take the confusing part of “choosing the perfect wine” off your hands and provide a simple way to buy several bottles of great wine at a great price.

They make the ordering of wine very easy.  With their convenient sample packs, you can just hit “select” and pay.  You don't have to scour their wide selection of high quality wines of various price points to determine which wines are best for you.  But of course you can hand-pick each bottle that you want in your delivery.  They may have a minimum order, but I can't imagine buying less than 6 bottles at a time.

They offer reasonable shipping costs, but shipping is free with purchase of 12 bottles.  So, this is definitely the way to go.

Highly recommended.

Vinesse Wine Store has an extensive inventory of wines that have been hand picked by their experts, providing a wide range of wines that will please ...
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Gold Medal Wine Store

Gold Medal has been a very popular gift because they offer delicious wines at great prices and their packaging and presentation is outstanding.  Now, they have opened their wine store for online orders from consumers who want to order one time deliveries from their amazing wine selection.

This all started when they had customers who wanted to re-order specific bottles that came within a shipment.  So, if you were a customer of their popular “Gold Series” (their budget-friendly, premium wine club), you could log in and order a few bottles that you enjoyed from a recent wine club delivery.  Or, customers would reorder one of their newly-discovered “craft winery” selections from their unique “Garagiste Series”.

Now, these selections are available to the public.  That means you can just go to their site and select a few bottles that they recently featured in any of their highly-rated wine clubs.  I think they have a minimum, but again, I can't imagine anyone would want to order less than 6 bottles for a delivery.

Gold Medal Wine Store
From the great folks who brought you Gold Medal Wine Club since 1992, you can buy wine directly from their Wine Store and have it delivered to your home or office. (And if you're local to their Santa Barbara California location, pick up is available)


First Leaf

Although First Leaf is a wine club, they have a great introductory offer on good wine at a great value.  (You can cancel anytime, so you're not “locked in”.)

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