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Champagne Club Subscriptions

Another name for Champagne of the Month clubs is “Champagne Club Subscriptions.” We did a full write-up of Champagne of the Month Club Reviews if you are coming here looking specifically for those!

Before we start, we want to point out that are you more likely to find “sparkling wine subscriptions” than straight “Champagne subscriptions” because Champagne is just a type of sparkling wine made in a particular place in France. Most of the time when people think that they are drinking Champagne, they are actually drinking something else like Prosecco, Cava, Asti, or even Sekt.

Champagne Club Subscription Cost

Before you order a club for yourself or even as gift, you are probably going to want to know the cost. The short answer is that these can range anywhere from $30 a month to $300 a month depending upon the number of bottles, the quality of the wine, and the shipping costs. However, the good news is that it means there is likely to be at least one in your price range! Do be careful when you evaluate a club price to check to see if shipping and handling is included. That can create a BIG difference in price.

Best Champagne Club Subscription

You can find everything from no-name branded Champagne clubs to famous brands like Chandon. I can only speak to the ones that I have tried.

Unfortunately, Champagne clubs seem to go out of business fairly frequently. The one club that I tried 13 years ago that is still in business that I would recommend is the Cellars Wine Club Champagne Club. This club includes 2 bottles in each shipment and you can choose each month, every other month, or every three months. It's a minimum of 2 shipments but you can pay for up to 12 as a gift. The price currently starts at $69 for the first month.

The Cellars Wine Club Champagne Club does advertise up front that not every bottle will be Champagne, but rather you will get a wide variety of sparkling wines including Spanish Cava and Brut. Honestly, I prefer this to straight Champagne clubs because you will get to try a lot of different sparkling wines that you might not have ever tried. In addition, shipping is free!

A totally different type of option that I have also enjoyed is Firstleaf. Firstleaf is not a club where you are sent a specific set of bottles each month, but rather the bottles are curated for you based on your preferences. Your first month will be between $39.95 and $49.95 for 6 bottles plus free shipping depending upon whether or not they are running any deals. If you want mainly sparkling wines, you just need to adjust your monthly shipments to include the ones that they have in stock. It's another great way to try completely new wines.

What are the Benefits of a Champagne Club Subscription?

The biggest benefit to joining any wine club is getting a variety of different wines. This definitely includes Champagne clubs where there are so many different types of sparkling wines. The other big benefits depending on the club include possibly lower pricing, included tasting notes, and at-home delivery.

Is There a Prosecco Club?

Prosecco is a sparkling wine from Italy that is similar to Champagne but considered lighter and bubblier (usually more affordable). It always contains the Glera grape but also often Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. It ranges from the driest (Brut) to the sweetest (Secco), with Extra Dry and Dry falling somewhere in between those two.

We've never tried a club that is Prosecco specific so we can't recommend one at this time. However, joining a club like Firstleaf or even Bright Cellars would likely give you the option of choosing sparkling wines that are more like Prosecco.

Where Can I Ship a Champagne Club Subscription?

Some states (like Utah) do not allow Champagne to be shipped into the state at all. Others like Indiana allow it to be shipped but only if the merchants go through very specific procedures. The great thing about all of the clubs I have mentioned is that they take the guess work out for you! Wine shipping laws are terribly complicated, but we have a page where you can look for wine clubs by shipping state. Just visit that page and choose the state you want to ship to. Then scroll down and look for options such as Cellars or Firstleaf.

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