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Wine Club Reviewer: Tricia Meyer

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Wine Club Reviewer Tricia Meyer[/custom_frame_left]Although Todd, Eric, and I all contribute to the reviews on this site, we have very different tastes and backgrounds when it comes to wine. So we decided that we would take some time to introduce ourselves a bit so you can see which of us you might connect with most in terms of preferences. They said “Ladies first!”, so here I go.

My Wine Education

I was lucky enough to start learning about wine as soon as I started drinking it. I went to law school in Bloomington, Indiana, where the beautiful Oliver Winery is located. When I first visited there, my main alcohol experience involved wine coolers and Fuzzy Navels. I loved touring their facility and learning how the wine was made and bottled as well as all of the different varietals. At that point I was pretty much a sweet wine drinker only and they told me that was normal for starting out.

Over the years I continued to experience wine fully at wineries from Indiana to California. After visiting wineries in California I started seeking them out in Indiana and was surprised at how many we have. What I love about them all is that they take the time to really help their customers learn about the wine and expand their palates. I then started branching out to surrounding states to see what I could find.

Surprisingly I have learned a lot about wine from Disney Cruises. They have some really cool tastings classes for adults and I have been to one almost every time I have cruised because they always change out the wines and teach us different things. It just goes to show that you never know where you will learn about wine!

Wine Clubs I Join Myself

Although we often have wine clubs sent to us for free for the purpose of reviewing them, I also join other wine clubs myself. I joined the Coopers Hawk Winery on my last wedding anniversary because it is local and I love popping in there once a month for dinner and a wine tasting. I'm also currently in the Cellars Champagne Club because my husband bought it for me for Christmas.

In the past I have tried different clubs for a few months at a time and I really love the clubs that allow for short options because I like to try new things. I still gravitate a little bit toward white wines, so I never join all red clubs. But because I have been expanding the types of wines that I drink and do like reds more with many foods, I like joining clubs that are mixed red and white.  The Zagat Wine Club was one club that I joined myself for that very reason and was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the wine given the price.

I also really like the wine clubs that include tasting notes. You will notice that we usually mention tasting notes in our reviews because they can make a big difference. Pairing wines with the right foods can be essential to getting the most enjoyment out of them. Of course, there's nothing wrong with just opening a bottle and being surprised either!

I Like Trying New Things

I think one of the things that you will learn most through my reviews is that I like to try new things all the time. Whether it's a new wine club or a different type of food pairing or even different wine accessories, I find everything about wine fascinating. I look forward to trying new wineries and wine clubs and sharing them with you.

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