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Custom Wine Bottle Labels from Windsor Vineyards

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Windsor Vineyards Custom Label[/custom_frame_left]When I got married we gave each of our attendants a wine bottle as part of their gift. It wasn't anything fancy, but we figured “who couldn't use a bottle of wine?” Fast forward 14 years and I am looking at the personalized wine bottles from Windsor Vineyards and wishing I had them back then. Whether you are planning a wedding, a special birthday party, or just want to celebrate with special wine labels customized to your occasion, Windsor may be a perfect choice for you.

Designing the Wine Labels

Designing customized labels on the Windsor Vineyards site is easy. First you select from one of their many templates or design your own. Choose from photo labels, holiday labels, special occasion labels (like birthdays), or any occasion labels (such as monograms, “from the cellar of,” etc.). There are so many choices that it can be hard to narrow it down (not a bad thing!) but it does help you to get creative.

Once you select your template, you add whatever you want to make the labels personal to you or your recipient. If you are choosing a photo label, you would upload the photo that you want to use. You can choose from “Popular Inscriptions” if you can't figure out what to write. I liked the one that said “To Good Wine and Good Friends.” You can then change font sizes and even colors until the label looks exactly how you want it.

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The Wine

Todd recently did a full Windsor Wine Club review, including reviews of some of the bottles in the club, so I will not repeat all of that. Suffice to say that Eric, Todd, and I have all tried various wines from Windsor Vineyards and have been impressed with their quality and variety. You can choose from all white wines, all red wines, or a mixed pack when you buy their club. You can choose specific bottles of wine in any even quantities when you are ordering the custom wine bottle labels.[divider]


Uses for the Custom Bottles

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Business Gift Wine Label[/custom_frame_right]

Before I even checked out all of the templates on their site I already had in my mind so many uses for the custom labeled wine bottles. After looking at the templates, I thought of even more! Here are just a handful:

  • Wedding party gifts or wedding guest favors
  • Company/business holiday gifts
  • College graduation party with picture of graduate on bottle
  • Gift to parents of new baby (they can use the wine, trust me!)
  • Anniversary party
  • Starting a wine collection for a new couple with their monogram on the bottles
  • Couple announcing to new grandparents that they are pregnant

And that's just off the top of my head. There are so many really cool ways to use these personalized labels.

I've included a couple of sample images throughout the post, but I'm going to include more below just so you can see how fun they are. These are actual labels from Windsor Vineyards that customers have ordered. With so many great ways to customize the labels, it is easy to see why people love Windsor Vineyards.[divider]

[custom_frame_center shadow=”on”]Personalized Wine Label[/custom_frame_center]

[custom_frame_center shadow=”on”]Personalized Holiday Wine Label[/custom_frame_center]

[custom_frame_center shadow=”on”]Windsor Vineyards Custom Wine Label[/custom_frame_center]

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