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Windsor Vineyards Review with Video

I really do love this “job”.

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Windsor Vineyards logo[/custom_frame_right] …I love it even more when I discover a new favorite wine club and get to taste their delicious wines!

So, here's the story.

I was recording a podcast with a friend, and as luck would have it, we were discussing Wine Clubs at the time.  Out my window, I could see the UPS truck pull up, and I asked to pause the podcast while I signed for the delivery.

It was a large box, heavier than most of my wine deliveries, so I knew it would likely be a case of wine. (AWESOME!) 

Immediately following the podcast recording, I opened the box and was delighted to see the Windsor Vineyards Logo prominently displayed on the top of the tasting notes.

Initial Thoughts

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Windsor Vineyards - first impressions[/custom_frame_left]It's hard to describe why I instantly felt that this box of wine was going to be super high quality, but I did.  The presentation wasn't over the top; instead, it was rather simple.  There were 4 layers of 3 bottles of wine per layer.  Each bottle was held securely in place, and wore a simple unsealed clear plastic bag.

I guess it felt like “these guys are focusing on the wine”.  (And I love that.)

Also, it was interesting to note that although there were 12 bottles of wine, there were only 4 different wines.  So, each wine has 3 bottles.

Turns out, the club I received is called “The Collector”.  It is their wine club that lets us stock up our cellars with these 4 different delicious wines.  The other club they offer only has one bottle of these 4 wines, and is called “The Enthusiast”.

Tasting the Wine

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Windsor Vineyards - The Collector (wines received in shipment)[/custom_frame_right] One night, before I got a chance to do my review, I couldn't resist the temptation and opened a bottle of the Petite Syrah.

I wasn't sure if I liked Petite Syrah, but I knew that I like Shiraz and thought this may be close.

I must say:  WOW!  That Petite Syrah blew me away.

Now, I totally understand why they send 3 bottles of each wine.  If I only had one bottle of that delicious wine, I'd be highly disappointed.  (That's why I'm so glad I received The Collector instead of The Enthusiast.)

A few days later, I opened up a bottle of the Pinot Noir.  (In the past, I've found a few Pinot's that I've enjoyed — but I'm not normally a super-huge Pinot Noir fan.)

But again:  WOW!  That Pinot was delicious, too.

So yeah –  I've fallen in love with Windsor Vineyards' wines.

I can't wait to taste the Savignon Blanc, as I've tasted a delicious bottle during a trip to Napa.  If my experiences with their Petite Syrah and Pinot Noir are any indication, I have high expectations for the Windsor Vineyards Savignon Blanc.  (I bet I'll even like the Viognier!)

More Details and Reviews

There is a lot to discuss about this wine and the wine club.  (Including the availability of custom labels — a super unique feature of this club.  More on that later from Tricia!)  But the summary here is simple:  Windsor Vineyards delivers delicious wines.

Check out our full review and video of Windsor Vineyards, and their two wine clubs:  “The Collector” (the club that I received) and “The Enthusiast“.

Also, here is my quick video to share my perspective.

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