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Champagne Clubs for Valentine’s Day

Champagne Club Valentine's DayThe longer that I am married, the harder it is to figure out unique Valentine's Day presents. Whether it is your first year together or your 50th, a Champagne of the Month Club would make a perfect gift.

For the most part when you buy a Champagne club, you are actually buying a Sparkling Wine club. Unless you have a true preference for Champagne, the wine is essentially the same except for where it is produced. Most people I know buy Sparkling Wine when they say that they are buying Champagne. It's all bubbly!

My top choice for a Valentine's Day gift is the Cellars Wine Club Champagne Club. Each month you get 2 bottles of Sparkling Wine or Champagne delivered plus a newsletter about the wineries and the wines featured. The newsletter also suggests how to pair the wines, which is nice if you want to have appetizers with each bottle.

One of the best things about the Cellars clubs is that you can choose the number of months up front that you want to send. That way you can pay for it all at once and tell the recipient exactly how long they will be receiving shipments.

The other great thing about Cellars for Last Minute Wine Club Gifts is that you can either print or send an e-card. Order as late as Valentine's Day and your sweetie will be none the wiser. Clubs are always delivered toward the end of the month so you can just print off the certificate and stick it in a card and it will look like you have been planning the gift for months. (Although a little chocolate on the side would be a nice touch as well.)

Check out of our Cellars Wine Club Sparkling Champagne Review for more information.

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Multiple options to customize the club plus availability of ecards make it a great gift option. Wines chosen from ...

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  • Red, White, and Mixed Packs Available
  • Monthly Shipments
  • Upgrade from 2 to 4 Bottles
  • Includes Newsletter Featuring Wineries

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