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Wine Club Gift Ideas

Wine Club Gift

Wine Club Gift

Ordering a wine club gift can be confusing because of all of the many choices. Complicating matters is that you usually do not know the exact wine preferences of the recipient. The great thing about sending a wine club as a gift is that the clubs usually take the guess work out of it for you. Here are a few easy ideas for choosing a wine club that will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys wine whether you are ordering a personal gift or a business gift.

Red, White, or Mixed?

Unless you know the color of wine that your recipient most enjoys, it can be hard to decide whether to send red wine, white wine, or a mixed pack. Consider that many wine drinkers tend to entertain with wine. Because of that, they will be able to make the most of both red and white. In addition, they are likely to be willing to try either when it comes from a winery with which they are not usually familiar because they enjoy the experience of trying different wines. When in doubt, your safest bet is to choose a mixed red and wine pack club.

Choose a Unique Wine Club

Even if your gift recipient is already a member of other wine clubs or buys wine regularly, there are still some very unique wine clubs that are worth sending as a gift. Take for example the Swine and Wine. Your choice of wine is paired with pork and comes packaged with recipes and tasting notes. Your recipient will appreciate that you combined your knowledge of their love of wine with a whimsical take on the wine club.

How Much Should A Wine Club Cost?

The beauty of choosing a wine club as a gift is that the per bottle cost of the wine will never be known by the recipient unless they do a lot of research because the wines are generally not the standard wines that they would be buying locally or ordering at restaurants. Because of that, you can order any wine club that fits within your budget and is highly rated.

Finding a Wine Club Online

Once you know that a wine club is the best gift choice for your recipient and you have figured out how much to spend, it's all a matter of reading some online wine reviews and choosing the club that's best for your gift. We've already done some legwork for you. When in doubt, take a look at our Top White Wine Clubs and Top Red Wine Clubs. Start with our ratings and reviews and you won't go wrong.

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