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Top Red Wine Clubs

These Are Our Top Rated Red Wine Club Recomendations

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Premier Series

***** MonthlyClubs.com

This wine club is great as a personal choice and even better as a gift.  The Premier Series from the The International Wine of the Month Club delivers estate-bottled wine each month. Each shipment comes with 2 bottles of wine ranging in value from $15-25 a bottle. Plus, receive “Cellars Notes”, which include suggested pairings, vineyard histories and more. (read more)

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Premiere Wine Club

***** by The California Wine Club

The Premier Series is a good choice as both a personal wine club and especially as a gift. At its price point for 2 bottles (currently $38.95 plus shipping and handling) you will get quality wine plus all of the information you could possibly want about the vineyard that produced it.  Sure, you can choose two red bottles or one red bottle and one white bottle, but this club made our top red wine list when we selected the “red only” option (read more)

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Gold Series Wine Club

***** by Gold Medal Wine Club

A super-popular wine club for gifts, this wine club features delicious red wines (in gorgeous packaging) each month and includes an information-packed, high-quality newsletter that details the wines, winery, and winemaker plus suggests recipes to pair with the wines.  Yes, you can choose Red Wine Only or Red Wine & White Wine in your deliveries, but their “Red Only” selection made our Top Red Wine Club list. (read more)

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Plonk Wine Club

*****by Plonk Wine Club

Take a global wine tasting adventure (including little known wine regions), uncover hidden gems and learn all about different wines with this super-unique wine club. The Plonk Wine Club is different: 1) You get 4 bottles of wine from boutique wineries, 2) The focus is on expanding your palette and your wine knowledge and 3) This inexpensive wine is of quality that any sommelier would be proud to serve. Grow your love for wine! (read more)

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