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Introducing: “Ask The Wine Club Group”!

Since we started reviewing wine clubs, sharing our findings, presenting our research, and ultimately providing recommendations for wine of the month clubs, we've become known as the “go to friends” for wine club questions.

Eric, Tricia and I (Todd) have different tastes in wine.  We like different kinds of wines and have differing gift-giving needs. We also have different perspectives, personal experiences and insights into wine, wine clubs, buying wine clubs, and giving wine clubs as a gift.

..so we're a perfect trio of wine loving friends who can give you some pretty decent advice.

Todd Tricia and Eric laughing together

Todd, Tricia and Eric. We are friends and love wine. We're the Wine Club Group!

[custom_frame_center shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_center]People ask us a lot of questions.  They want to know which particular club would work for them, or as a gift for a specific person.  And, despite all the wine club reviews we've completed, where we share insights on the company and their individual wine club offerings (including videos and photos), we still get those direct questions.  (We love to talk wine, so I'm not complaining!)

Since our close friends, family and neighbors ask us about wine and wine clubs, we decided to open it up to you!

Yep, we've created more work for ourselves, by adding a new feature to WineClubReviewsAndRatings.com.  It's called, “Ask the Wine Club Group” and it's a simple form for you to reach out to us with your question.

So, if you have a question for us, we're here.



We really have enjoyed learning about all the fantastic wine clubs that are available to you.  We've also enjoyed learning about the fantastic wine clubs that won't ship to your state, but they do ship to at least one of ours.  (Find which wine clubs ship to your state here.)

Take us up on this offer for free advice and pointers.

Sure, the wine clubs pay us a referral fee when someone signs up with them.  They all do.  That doesn't sway our suggestions, nor alter our advice to you.  (It is nice to get a little reward for all this work, though!)  When the wine clubs send us a referral fee, or commission, it doesn't affect your price.  You pay the same as everyone else.  NOTE:  Sometimes, these wine clubs give us secret deals that are exclusive to us and only we can share them with our audience to use.  In those cases, our relationship with these wine clubs give you a discount you can't find elsewhere!)

So, that's the deal.

We'll help steer you in the right direction, with free personal advice and specific suggestions to help you buy the wine club that is perfect for your situation.  We want to be sure you get the biggest bang for your buck, and you get the wines you'll love!

And remember, the holidays are almost here.  That means stocking up for your guests and buying awesome wines as gifts.  Let us be your personal wine club guide.

Just go to our “Ask the Wine Club Group” page, and fill out the form.

It's super easy, and we don't require you to fill out a huge survey or answer a thousand questions.  Just ask your question.  Of course, the more background or information you can provide, the better we can answer your question and give better guidance.


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