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Wine Clubs That Ship to New York

Most people think about a wine room in Manhattan when they hear “New York wine,” but New York State has 5 official wine regions, and many other areas that support wineries. But if you live in NY State and you’re looking for wine clubs that ship to New York, state laws can limit your options. Here are some clubs that can ship to you:

In New York, a winery can ship up to 36 cases of wine to a consumer annually (that’s a lot of wine!). But there are also distributors, permits and tax filings which complicate matters (if you order one of these wine clubs, you don’t have to worry about these complications – the wine club takes care of it for you). Our most popular clubs as well as many other clubs all ship to NY (lucky for Eric, who lives there!)

Why do you care?

New York State is the 3rd most populous state in the country with over 19.5 million residents, and includes the great New York City (where 8.4 million of those residents live). If you have friends or family in New York and want to send them a wine club, it’s important to know which ones can ship there!

New York State Wine Regions & AVAs

New York State Wine RegionsNew York ranks #3 when it comes to producing grapes, and second only to California when it comes to making wine with over 30,000 acres of vineyards and 212 wineries.

The wine regions of New York State include Niagara Escarpment, Lake Erie Region, Finger Lakes Region (further broken down to Seneca Lake AVA and Cayuga Lake AVA), Hudson River Region and Long Island Region. Eric’s been through the Niagara Wine Trail, which boasts some of the warmest temperatures in New York State thanks to Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Escarpment itself (that’s the big cliff Niagara Falls falls over) which keep the area warm in the fall.

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