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Wine Clubs That Ship To Kansas

“To the stars without difficulties” is the motto of the great state of Kansas. However, wine shipping laws are actually very difficult. Every state has its own wine shipping laws, and Kansas is no different. Because of that, it is a good idea to buy wine from sites that have done the work for you to figure out how to legally ship to your state. The wine clubs below are all clubs that we have found deliver to the state of Kansas.

Beginning in 2009, properly licensed wineries can ship up to twelves cases of wine annually to any residential address in Kansas. It is important to note that this limit only applies to off-site purchases. For any sales that occur on-site, wineries are not required to have a wine shipping license and can ship an unlimited about of wine to Kansas consumers. Shipping from retailers is still prohibited at this time. Here are our top wine clubs that ship to Kansas:

During the late 19th century, Kansas’ flourishing wine industry fell victim to an unfortunate ideological contradiction. Even though the state had established a substantial grape growing and wine making culture, for a time Kansas also happened to be the home of Carrie Nation, a radical proponent of the early temperance movement who made a habit of attacking taverns with her hatchet. Even though she was arrested nearly 30 times throughout her life for these “hatchetations,” her influence was strongly felt, and Kansas became the first state to enact a statewide alcohol ban in 1881. It turned out that vintners did not have to give up their vines altogether at this time, as many began to sell grapes across state lines or for use in bootleg winemaking. It was not until the onset of the national prohibition in 1920 that vines were destroyed and winemaking came to a complete halt, only to be revived in 1985 with the passage of the Kansas Farm Winery Statute.

Today, Kansas has over 23 licensed wineries, and the state is slowly but surely finding its way back to its nationally recognized winemaking industry of the 19th century. In 2010, the state secured four awards at the Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition, and four of the state’s up-and-coming wineries collectively won over twenty medals at the most recent Mid-American Wine Competition. These award winning wineries include Crooked Post WineryHoly-Field Vineyard & WineryPrairie Fire Winery, and Stone Pillar Vineyard & Winery.

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