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Wine Clubs That Ship To Florida

While Florida’s hot and humid weather might not seem like an ideal climate for viticulture, the production of wine is currently a growing industry within the state. And when it comes to drinking wine, Florida residents are famous for it! (Remember the TV Show “Cougar Town” and the “Big Carl”? Yeah, Floridians love their wine. Even on television.)

As of 2006, Florida allows wineries to ship directly to nearly all consumers, with the exception of those who live within Lafayette, Liberty or Washington counties, the only three remaining dry regions of the state. Direct shipping from retailers is prohibited. These are our top wine clubs that ship to Florida:

Florida’s wine tradition dates back to the 16th Century, when Spanish missionaries planted the first vines to produce sacramental wine for use in religious ceremonies. They soon discovered, however, that traditional vinifera varietals could not endure the tropical climate of Florida, often succumbing to fungal problems and Pierce’s Disease. After generations of futile attempts at wine making, the 1930s brought new hope to the industry, as researchers from the University of Florida successfully developed climate-compatible hybrid varieties using a family of grape native to the south-eastern region of the country. This innovation was largely made possible because of the Florida Grape Growers Association, an organization founded in 1923 that sponsored research initiatives to develop grapes that were suited to the state’s climate. The majority of Florida’s winemakers use grapes derived from the Muscadine family, a native variety that is well-adapted to the climate and requires fewer chilling hours than the better known vinifera varietals. Notably, muscadine grapes have the highest quantity of anti-oxidants ever measured in a natural product. For the past 20 years, Florida wineries have also experimented with wines made entirely from tropical fruit, introducing varieties such as mango, key lime, strawberry, blueberry, grapefruit and orange.

While the state of Florida currently does not have any designated American Viticultural Areas, its 24 independently-owned wineries are spread throughout the state, easily accessible from major cities such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando

If you're not looking to ship wine to Florida, but instead, are looking for some great Florida wine tours, festivals and wineries, we're here to hook you up, too!

Looking for something fruity? Beginning in 1991, the Shook family began to use tropical fruits to make wine with great success. Located in St. Petersburg, the Florida Orange Groves Winery commitment to excellence is evidenced by the fact that their product is the only Florida wine allowed at Disney’s annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Check out the vineyard that started Florida’s tropical fruit wine frenzy: http://www.floridawine.com/index.htm

For regional wine tours, Florida Fun Shuttles offers three different tours, perfect for a day-trip, birthday celebration or holiday party. For reservation information visit: http://www.floridafunshuttle.com/Florida_Wineries_Tour.html

For a whimsical and charming wine tour, The Tasting Tours in St. Augustine , FL specializes in creating the perfect wine tasting experience. Exploring this historical town from the comfort of a horse drawn carriage or your own two feet, The Tasting Tours will provide a wine tasting you will never forget. Recently, the popular Corks and Forks Walking Tour was featured as a ‘Best Tour’ in Travel and Leisure Magazine. For a unique wine and fine dining experience, The Tasting Tours is not to be missed: http://www.thetastingtours.com/

Florida Wine Festivals:

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