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Wine Clubs That Ship To Alaska

Although many clubs ship to the continental United States, it is harder to find wine clubs that ship to Alaska.

The state of Alaska has instituted no limits or taxes on wine shipments. Legislation within the state, however, permits individual municipalities the right to ban or limit alcohol sales and possession. Consequently, shipping to dry communities is prohibited, and direct shipping from retailers is also not allowed at this time.   We have found some great clubs though!  Here are our top wine clubs that ship to Alaska

Even though Alaska might be one of the last places you think of when envisioning rolling hills of grape vines, the state does, in fact, sustain a small winemaking industry. With that said, the majority of the state’s wine is not actually made from grapes. Rhubarb, wild berries, honey, black currants, and other local fruits are all used to supplement the limited production of grapes. Ice wine, a sweet dessert Riesling made from grapes that were allowed to freeze while still on the vine, is a popular wine produced in cold-climate states with short growing seasons, such as Alaska.

Currently, Alaska is home to three wineries. Bear Creek Winery has a wide selection of fruit wines and several grape wines made from imported juice. The winery also offers luxury accommodations for any visitors in search of a relaxing or romantic overnight escape. Denali Winery , the state’s second wine producer, is located south of Anchorage and specializes in micro-batches of port, ice wines, and sherry. Their wines can be custom ordered for weddings, reunions, and other special events. The purchaser is highly involved throughout the process, beginning with an initial wine tasting and concluding with the bottling and corking of the final product. Last but not least, Alaskan Wilderness Wines is located on the island of Kodiak and has been licensed since 2000. Their wines have won numerous awards across the country and state. Known as a small-batch winery, several longstanding favorites include Wild Rose Mead, Sparkling Rhubarb, Salmonberry, and Wild Fireweed Mead.

Alaska Wine Festivals:

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