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Wine Clubs That Ship To Indiana

IndianaWhether you are shipping to cities in Northern Indiana (like Gary or Fort Wayne), cities in Southern Indiana (like Evansville or New Albany) or to the state capital of Indianapolis, there are some great wine club choices for the Hoosier State. Indiana’s shipping laws are somewhat prohibitive in that not all clubs can ship into the state. However, we have researched each club we review to determine which will ship to Indiana. Below you will those clubs along with our ratings for them.

The Indiana wine shipping laws are extremely complicated compared to other states and are always up for discussion about being changed. Wineries have to pay for and hold certain permits in order to ship into the state unless the winery has had a distributor in the state (which is the case for some of the bigger wine clubs). We review the wine club sites on a regular basis to update for any changes, but be sure to check yourself before attempting to make a purchase.

What about wine in Indiana? People are always surprised when they hear how much wine is actually produced in Indiana. There are actually over 50 wineries in the state, including well known wineries such as:

  • Oliver Winery (perhaps the best well known)
  • Huber Winery
  • French Lick Winery
  • Butler Winery
  • Easley Winery
  • Mallow Run Winery
  • Winzerwald Winery
  • Whyte Horse Winery

Southeastern Indiana is actually known as the birthplace of the wine industry in the United States because the first successful winery was established there in the early 1800s. Unfortunately historical events such as the Civil War, crop diseases, and Prohibition killed off the industry and it was not reborn until the 1960s. In the meantime, other states stepped in to take over the industry.

The Indiana Wine Trail and the Uplands Wine Trail are two great ways to visit multiple wineries across the state. Events like Vintage Indiana and the Indiana Wine Fair are a fun way to sample wines from various wineries as well. Indiana wineries are hoping that before too long, the country will once again look to Indiana as being a center of wine production.