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Santa May Not Deliver Wine, But These Clubs Do (Which wine clubs ship to YOUR state?)

Santa, Bring Wine!

Remember the days of making Christmas lists for Santa? If you were to make a list now, what would be on it? I can say for certain that wine would be at the top of mine! Santa may not be delivering wine to my doorstep this year, but there are some great wine clubs that will. If you want to play Santa and make someone's Christmas list complete, we can help you find clubs that will ship to them.

The tricky thing about buying wine online is that not every wine seller can ship to every state. Wine shipping laws are incredibly difficult. I'm an attorney and I wouldn't even be able to say for certain that I could explain the exact law accurately in my state. There are licensing fees, shipping maximums, customer requirements, and all kinds of things that come into play.

So how do you select a wine club that will get where you need it to go?

We've created an interactive state wine shipping map that will allow you to first select the state that you want to ship the wine to. All that you need to know is the state you want to ship the wine to and we will take it from there.


Say that you select Pennsylvania (a state with some strange alcohol laws). You'll click through to our Wine Clubs That Ship to Pennsylvania page. On that page you will find some basic information about wine in Pennsylvania, including their wine regions and trails. More importantly, you will find not only a list of wine clubs that ship there but also the prices, our ratings, and a brief review of each. You can quickly glance through and pick the clubs that fit your price range and requirements.

We've recently updated states like Connecticut and Arizona and now have listings for 49 of the 50 states (sorry, Utah!).

Save yourself the trouble of looking around at various wine clubs trying to figure out where they ship to. Some of them do not even list the states on their sites. We've taken the time to research all of them on our list. Do keep in mind that sometimes wine clubs will have to alter their shipping depending upon updated state requirements. If that is the case, you will know when you try to check out. However, we have found our lists to be very accurate!

So go out and play Santa today and find a wine club perfect for everyone on your list. And don't forget that you can buy them last-minute and have a card printed or emailed!

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