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The Original Wine of the Month Club – Video Interview!

I was fortunate to have the chance to interview the owner of the Original Wine of the Month Club, Paul Kalemkiarian.  Our interview took place over Skype and I was allowed to record the video and share it with you, here.

Wine of the Month Club LogoThe company is called the “Original Wine of the Month Club” for a reason:  They're literally the original wine of the month club.  In 1971, Paul's father, Paul Sr., began delivering wine on a monthly basis to his customers.  That, my friends, was literally the first wine of the month club to ever exist!

In short:  They've been doing this a really, really long time.  What does that prove?  For one:  It implies authority, quality and value.  Why?  Because you don't stay in business for over 40 years unless you provide quality, value and excellent customer service.  And in the subjective world of wine, this is even more true!  (Read below how Paul shares a story about a “founding customer”.)

In the video interview, we talk all about the wines that Paul selects for his monthly club deliveries (he tastes over 200 wines each month!) and the differences between the clubs that his company offers.

Paul recognizes that he can't please all the palettes all the time.  His goal is to simply provide his customers with the best representation of the varietals selected, at the best value.  For example, if you want a great Napa Cabernet, he'll be sending the best representation of a Napa Cabernet at the best value possible.  Same for New Zealand Savignon Blanc, or Argentinian Malbec:  You'll always get his selection of the best representation of the wine varietals in the world.  (NOTE:  You can select California Wine only, via their California Series, or find discover delicious wines from both domestic and international sources via their other wine clubs.)

and if you don't like a wine, you don't pay for it.  (Their customer service is top notch.  Heck, you even get Paul's personal email address and he'll reply to your questions or concerns late at night via his smart phone!)  Their origins in this business were focused on delivering high quality product, with the guarantee that you'll never pay for a bottle of wine you don't love.

Pretty impressive.

Wine of the Month ClubIn fact, you'll note in the video, that Paul shares a quick story where he recently met a husband and wife couple who have been customers of his company since 1973.  Yep.  1973!  (For reference, I was 2 years old then.  I'm 42 now.)  Translation:  These are some long term customers — and you don't keep the same customers for 40 years unless you consistently provide value and keep them happy.  (Really – think about it:  Over 40 years, how many times do you think the couple could have reconsidered if they want to continue their monthly deliveries?  Every time they reconsidered, they decided to continue.  That's really impressive to me!)

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Also, please watch the video interview below, where you get to hear all about this club and their company directly from the CEO himself, right here:




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