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Playboy Wine Club Review: The Sexiest of All Wine Clubs?

There is something super-sexy about sitting across a small table from a beautiful woman as she's dangling a cold glass of pinot grigio in her fingers, on a hot summer day.

And of course, looking into the eyes of your gorgeous date as you share a bottle of 2010 Claret from the Donati Family Vineyards is always a winner.[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Playboy Wine Shop Wine Club[/custom_frame_right]

Maybe that's just me.

As a man, I enjoy the imagery and branding of the Playboy company as much as any other red-blooded American. (And Maxim.  And Victoria's Secret.  And.. well, you get the picture.  I'm a guy!)

But what about a wine club that has the name “Playboy” associated with it?  Is the inclusion of that name alone enough for me to buy into their wine club?

(In short: No. But, please read on.)

Perhaps you just happened to see the Playboy Wine Club Groupon and got interested?  (In that case, the combination of “sexy” and “flash deal” may have been too much to pass up, eh?)

Exactly one year ago this month, the Playboy brand entered the Wine Club business.  Note how I used the term the Playboy Brand.

You know how the super group KISS has licensed their name to everything from video games to action figures, to lunch boxes (and hundreds more!) over the years?

That's basically what's happening with Playboy, the brand.

See this press release where they announced their new wine club last year.

[custom_frame_center shadow=”on”]Playboy Wine Club[/custom_frame_center]

As you can see, Playboy is really just a “private labeled” wine club, which is (in reality) simply the Barclay's wine club in disguise. The key difference (in my opinion) is that it's (a) branded as the Playboy wine club and therefore (b) targeting the Playboy audience (a.k.a. “men”).

So, if getting a shipment of wine with a brand like Playboy is really important to you, then you should be comfortable with this wine club, assuming that you like the underlying wine club, Barclays.

However, if you're just looking for a cool, unique wine club for a man, I may suggest the BACON FREAK Wine Club. (Seriously?  Bacon and wine?  Sign me up!)

Then again, if you just wanted to find a good “big brand” wine club, then the popular WSJ Wine Club is a well-known brand that has a lot of history in the wine business. (It's run by a company called “Direct Wines” and is very well known as a big wine club.)

And finally, if you really are looking for high quality wines, but simply assumed that having the Playboy Brand associated with the wine would result in high quality wine, I may suggest you consider an alternative.

In particular, if you want great wine and the best possible price, then you would be wise to consider any wine club found on our Top Red Wine Clubs, Top White Wine Clubs and Top Mixed Wine Clubs. (We've hand-picked the TOP 3 wine clubs for each of these categories.)

But, if you really do want the bunny ears delivered to your door every quarter with 12 bottles of wine, please let us know what you think.

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