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Everything Nice 2013 White Blend from Club W

Everything Nice

If you’re a fan of sweet wines (or would rather drink your cupcakes rather than eat them), Club W has a wine for you: the 2013 Everything Nice. What is Everything Nice? Everything Nice is a blend of five varietals including Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, and […]

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The California Wine Club International Series Review (With Video)

California Wine Club International Series

If you read many of my wine posts, you know that I absolutely love The California Wine Club. The International Series is the third different club of theirs that I have now tried and it came with the same level of quality that I have come to […]

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Pitt-Jolie’s Miraval Rose 2013 Available

Pitt-Jolie Miraval Rose

Most of the time I don’t believe they hype when celebrities create or endorse products. I’m particularly skeptical when it is something as nuanced as wine. However, I’ve been researching the Miraval Rose 2013 wine produced by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and the reviews are actually […]

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Forbes Wine Club Review (with Video)

WCG - Todd reviewing Forbes 350w

Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing a really unique and fun wine club, from a brand we all know well, Forbes. Yep, Forbes has launched their own branded wine club now, and in typical Forbes fashion, it’s not your run-of-the-mill wine club. Instead of entering into […]

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Collectors Series Wine Club Review (with Video)


I just completed my review of the Collectors Series, the high-end product from the International Wine of the Month Club, of the MonthlyClubs.com family. Yes, I was the fortunate one of us to get this super-premium wine club delivered to my home for this review.  Sorry, Eric […]

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MonthlyClubs.com Masters Series Wine Club Review (with Video)

MonthlyClubs.com Wine Club

I recently received and reviewed The Masters Series Wine Club from MonthlyClubs.com and shot a video showing you what you can expect if you, too, order this club: The Masters Series wine club is the middle-of-the-road offering from MonthlyClubs.com wine clubs, with the Premier Series at the […]

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International Wine of the Month Club Premier Series Review (With Video)

International Wine of the Month Club Premier
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WineTasting Network Flash Deal (Followup)

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 4.42.00 PM

I ordered the Flash Deal I told you about earlier this month, and the shipment was delivered within a week. To remind you of the deal we shared, EverSave.com had an offer for 55% off of 6 Bottles of premium wine, value of $119.95 for only $54. […]

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Finding a Moscato of the Month Club

Moscato of the Month Club

A few years ago I knew that when I went out with girlfriends most of them would order Riesling or Chardonnay. I’ve recently noticed that those same friends are now more often ordering Moscato. When my husband and I tried the Cooper’s Hawk Winery Wine of the […]

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TastingRoom.com Tasting Kit

TastingRoom.com Tasting Kit Wines

I received my TastingRoom.com tasting kit a couple weeks ago, and finally had time to review the wines they sent me to customize my next wine club shipment. For $10, you get: 6, 50 mL bottles of wine to taste (2 white, 4 red) 2010 Ten Sisters […]

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