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Collectors Series Wine Club Review (with Video)

I just completed my review of the Collectors Series, the high-end product from the International Wine of the Month Club, of the MonthlyClubs.com family.

Yes, I was the fortunate one of us to get this super-premium wine club delivered to my home for this review.  Sorry, Eric and Tricia, I know you loved your deliveries from MonthlyClub.com's “International Wine of the Month Club”, but mine was the “creme de la creme” and this club came with two bottles of red wine that look amazing!  (See Tricia's review of MonthlyClub.com's “Premier Series Wine Club” and Eric's review of their “Masters Series Wine Club”.)

First a quick summary to be sure everything is easier to understand.

DSCF2016MonthlyClubs.com is a company that provides six different “of the month clubs”: “Beer of the Month”, “Chocolate of the Month”, “Cigar of the Month”, “Cheese of the Month”, “Flower of the Month” and of course, “Wine of the Month”.

This is one huge factor that sets them apart from other companies:  You can consider them your “one stop shop” for “of the month clubs”.  Assuming you've settled on some type of “Of the Month Club” as a gift, you have several options with Monthly Clubs.com.   So, if you want to buy multiple clubs for one person (like Wine and Chocolate, or Wine and Cheese, or Wine and Flowers) you have that option.  Or, if you want to send different clubs to different people all from one company, it's super easy to do with MonthlyClubs.com.

Their wine of the month club product is called the “International Wine of the Month Club”, and features domestic and wines from around the world.  They have three price point levels from which to choose:  Their “Premier Series” is their lowest priced club, the “Masters Series” is their mid-level offering and their “Collector Series” is the club that delivers the most premium wine and is their most expensive.

DSCF2001The Collectors Series is quite impressive, and features wines that are delicious to drink now, or to cellar for a few years.  I like the idea of storing wines and let them mature and develop character.  But, I'll be honest, I haven't been able to keep a bottle of wine “cellared” for more than 6 months.  (My will power isn't the best.  And, my “cellar” is a 48 bottle wine cooler I keep in the dining room.)

The wines that were sent in this delivery look amazing.  Of course, I haven't opened the bottles yet to taste them, but based on the descriptions from the Tasting Notes, they look like the exact wines that I'm going to love!    (I'll let you know what I think about them when I finally open them.  I'd like to think I can break my 6 month record for storing and aging these wines, but I really doubt it.  In fact, I'm slightly salivating at this moment just writing about it!)

This delivery included a Meritage Blend from South Africa and a Syrah from Napa.  I really like being able to see what the prior month's deliveries have been from their website, too.

Check out my full review of this premium wine of the month club for my video review, written review and plenty of photos.  Plus, we have coupons that can help you get the best price!

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