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National Mulled Wine Day (March 3)

National Mulled Wine Day

Although we think every day is a great day to drink wine, today is even more special. It’s National Mulled Wine Day! Here in Indiana we are just on the verge of the end of winter, so it’s a great reason to have one last mug before […]

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Pairing Wine with Holiday Meals


When you’re entertaining family and friends for the holidays, you may clean the house to pretend that “this is how I live all year”. You also may contemplate the perfect meal for your guests, taking into consideration your past years’ hits (and misses), as well as the […]

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Arizona Wine Club Shipping Law Update

Arizona Wine Laws

  Wine shipping laws across the United States are complicated and always changing. We were just alerted today to some wine shipment crackdowns in the State of Arizona. The Arizona wine shipment laws are already fairly restrictive and the Arizona Department of Liquor has recently started sending […]

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The Science Behind Your Hangover


The worst thing about how wonderful wine is is that it is sometimes a little TOO wonderful and we end up drinking more than we thought. We fight the resulting hangovers with our own rituals (For Eric that’s Gatorade and for me that’s 2 ibuprofen, some light […]

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Know More About Your Wine (Video)

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.21.16 AM
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Decanting Wine: What You Need to Know

Decanting Wine

For the first few years that my husband and I visited our local wine club, we watched them decant or aerate the red wine but never quite understood if it made a difference. Finally one day we asked them to explain it to us. They had us […]

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Beer or Wine: How Do They Compare?

Comparing Beer and Wine

I came across a really interested infographic from CompareCamp the other day that I thought our readers would love. Given that we have both this wine review site as well as a beer club review site, I was curious as to how beer and wine really do […]

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Wine Makes Good Blood


What makes wine so good for you? Have you ever heard that “wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”? No, that’s not something I made up to justify my passion for wine and my regular (though moderate) consumption. It was actually the French chemist […]

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Ice, Ice, Ice (Wine) Baby!


This cold weather we’re having is really getting to me.  (That may account for my Vanilla-Ice-inspired, attempt-at-a-humorous-title today.)  Brrrr….. Here in Southeast Michigan, we’re having one of the coldest winters on record.  (I have no room to complain, of course, with our friends in Boston receiving about 100 […]

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sulfites (But Were Afraid to Ask)


I am pretty sure that most of you have wondered, at least once, about the note on wine labels saying `contains sulfites`.  And, although most often this question is fully forgotten a few minutes after sipping the first glass of wine (especially if this is a good […]

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